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K'nex Challenge 1: 13th Aug - 4th Sept - RESULTS ANNOUNCED Answered

As likers of knex and engineering, Gmjhowe, =SMART= and myself decided we'd start a little knex competition. Each month we will pick three items that we'd like to see redesigned in knex and invite you to have a crack at remaking them, with added functionality if you can!

To start with the prizes will be patches, designed by gmjhowe and awarded by him, =SMART= and myself. If it takes off, who knows there may be better prizes in months to come. The patches that will be awarded for 1st - 5th place are below.

Here are this months challenges, we've included a smaller project for those of you with less pieces available.

Monitor Stand: A stand to replace the base of a monitor. It should be able to twist from left to right, tilt the screen up and down and allow the user to turn from portrait to landscape. Adjustable height would be a bonus!

Knex Chess Set: An 8 x 8 chess board with knex pieces.

Sellotape Holder: A Knex sellotape holder, for you knexers with less pieces. It should hold the reel and allow the user to pull and cut sellotape one handed. (some suggestions to expand this option: make a large reel tape holder for bigger sellotape rolls, make a wider one for parcel or duct tape, make an adjustable width holder for different tapes, make a hand held tape gun like those they use for packaging - link.)

Dock: Somwhere to dock any kind of gadget from phones and ipods, to laptops and external harddrives. It can dock one kind, or all if you're a genius.

If this becomes popular and we get a few of each of the above designs submitted, we might add some more challenges to this competition.

- To enter, write up a full instructable of your construction process with clear pictures and descriptions. Post the link here.
- Starting and closing dates are GMT.
- What the judges say goes!
- Have fun!
- Judging - 5th Sept - 12th Sept

Accepted Entries:
UPDATE: This is now closed. We will announce the winners when we've had a look through the entries and judged them.

1) Knex Chess Set by I_Am_Canadian
2) Mini Tape Dispenser by jollex
3) DS Lite Docking Station by TigerNod
4) 2 in 1 Knex Chess/Checkers Set by knexsuperbulderfreak
5) Universal Ipod Dock by knexsniper1

Patches for the winners will be awarded soon and we'll be having a think about what to post for our next competition!


holy crap those r some nice pics !!!!! what fricken camera?????

Writing it is on my list of things to do today :) Sorry for the delay I've had an essay to write for uni.

Oh boy :-D Thanks very much guys! This is great to have a real contest rolling. Cant wait for the next round!

I agree, most just die after a few days. It's nice to see a contest where people are actually entering it.

Good to hear. The new contest with new guidelines should be out monday. Get thinking as it may be flight related.

Now that sounds interesting. i don't think you can get knex to fly with out some other pieces on it. I think you should allow paper to cover propellers or wings. doing something that simple just might be able to get something to work.(I have one idea in mind.)

Results are up! Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered. Time to start thinking up our next challenges.

Man, how did I miss this forum? Well, I'm off to go make something :-)

Correction: I haven't had enough time on my hands to post anything.I've made loads of stuff, Bolt-action rifle, top-loading rifle, DD-27 3.0 and a revolver to name a few. the bolt-action is gone though I think I kept the new mech it had on it, and I think I scrapped the revolver to make the BR-36(I'm still in the process of moding the beast). I also had a Job this summer, and have other things that I have to do besides knex. making instructions gets bumped to the bottom of the list for me...

It needs a little work on the new trigger(it's a little two sensitive) but it works about 10X better then the original(has around the same power, but better everything else)

I made my own rifle with your barrel. Check it out sometime. Its probably more powerful than your gun since the trigger is in the exact same position as your gun, and that tan lock you use is not in my gun.

Damn, i just missed the entry deadline :( Is there going to be another one?

Maybe :) gmjhowe, SMART and I will get together this week to judge this one. Then we'll see :)

Wait, I didnt look at the system closely. I think its a bother and distracts from the game if you have to clip it in. Sorry.

The aim was to encourage new instructables.

:( Then I won't be able to enter, oh well. Can I at least have a head start on the next one?

You still have over half a month! Plenty of time for something epic..

My k'nex is in storage for almost 2 months...

I should.... too bad I use mac.... I might get a chance in about a week or two...

But seeing as it doesn't say that.... and I don't have any k'nex for 2 months.....


9 years ago

A Knex contest with no guns? Lol, you guys are asking for trouble. Seriously though, this is a cool contest. I like the patches you made.

Thanks, we gonna see an entry from you then? :P

Haha, I'm not sure yet. I don't have that many knex pieces any more, but this sort of makes me want to go out and buy some.

Bump. Could the entry list please be updated?