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K'nex Challenge for Wii Owners Answered

Alright, I had a nice idea. I notice there are few Wii Zapper peripherals that are easy to use. Most are cheap pieces of plastic that cost much more than they need to and they still suck. There was one though that looked promising but still wasn't quite that comfortable. Here's the challenge. Make the easiest to use zapper body construction for a Wii remote and nunchuck.

Some ideas are:
Add a stock. Maybe some sort of stand you can rest the gun on to make aiming even easier?
Add K'nex levers and buttons that press the Wii controller buttons. Make a trigger that presses the Z button and make a fake charging handle that presses the C button maybe?
Tilt the remote sideways so it's easier to reach all the top buttons.

Remember, comfort and ease of use. Those are important. It'd also be nice if it looked decent. Think any of you can handle it?


what does a wii zapper look like?????

Yay you made my 200th comment........you get a sug:)

Oh sorry i made a typo on the other comment.

it depens on the game. i have made a few guns that work quite well

The real hard part is the Nunchuk. It get pretty difficult to fashion a comfortable handle that can hold it. If you can get past that then the rest is smooth sailing. You could also build an alternate version for games like Red Steel that use the b button to fire. you could build a trigger to hit the b button and then somehow get the Nunchuk to be like a foregrip. although then you make it nearly impossible to reach the rest of the buttons on the Wiimote. No matter which direction you go with this project you end up with some serious issues. I think cosmetics should also be a key factor.

that is too much comfortable, wii remote sideways, stock, easy aim

Make a turbo trigger with a motor.

I don't have a Wii Zapper (or even a Wii), but I have an idea that I would like to share.
Maybe have a detachable magazine that holds down the reload button when the mag is in the gun, and when you take out the mag, it releases the button and you have to insert the mag again (or a new mag if you want) to reload. Inserting the mag will press the button again, and then you can repeat the process. It may not work (I don't know if the game reloads when you press the button or when the button is released. It will only work for the former, though), but could add some realism to the game.
Or have a button on top of the gun, where the stock is. That button can activate the zoom-in button on the controller. So you look down the iron sights in the game when you are looking the the gun's iron sights.

Those seem like they may be complicated, but they're just suggestions. And I would try, if I had a Wii.

I thought of this but that would just over complicate things. I'd rather just use a fake charging handle if anything. When I want to reload I want to do it quickly.

i have tryed but failed mostly. i might try again


7 years ago

ill give it a try, it would be somthing different and usefull...

That's the spirit. Good luck.

oooh yeah.... what your wii friends code again?