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Knex Concept : True rifle Answered

This is something I made when I was trying to make a K'nex rod spin in flight. I know there are true rifles like the Tempest, which uses a oodammo, and I know someone else twisted a rod to make it spin. This thing should be able to shoot normal K'nex rods with no modifications. I just built this, but I didn't make it into an entire gun. The red rod in the pictures is the ammo. This uses a K'nex wind up motor to spin the ammo. When you stick the ammo into the motor, it is like a bullet lock. The thing in the third picture is like a ratchet. It keeps the rod from spinning. It would have to be connected to the trigger, so it lets the bullet spin just when the ram hits it. Someone else could make a gun with this idea, but please give me credit for the idea.


This actually does sound interesting, although Ooda and Mepain do make good points. I'm sure that more power and using oodammo or finned ammo would fix it though.

I hope this idea does work. I_am_Canadian said that he might work on a gun using it if he has time.

I disagree with mepain. Spinning a rod should make it fly straighter. The problem is that the rod is going to catch in the motor and it will lose a lot of power; and probably stop spinning, too.

When I pull the rod out of the motor, it was slightly harder to pull out than a ball socket bullet lock. Over time, like a normal bullet lock, it would probably get easier to pull out.


6 years ago

It won't work. K'nex rods are not aerodynamic in the slightest, spinning them will just cause them to go out of control faster. Besides, if you want to make a K'nex rod spin, it's easier to just twist the ammo a bunch of times when it's connected to an SR-v2 or some other slingshot gun.

If you want to stabilize a K'nex rod, add a weight to the front. Oodammo is the best tested rod/connector combination for that thus far.


6 years ago

Great and innovative idea, just what we all need.

An excellent idea. I'll work on it if I have time.

Thank you! =D If you make a gun using this mechanism I will rate it 5 stars.

This would wear out your motor's griping parts very quickly.Then it wont work any more.

It would? I guess someone would have to try it out to see if it wears out quickly.

Lol, this is actually pretty cool. Good thinking on this one!