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K'nex Concepts 13 Answered

Spiral Drum Mag: Drum mag with two rods that rotate in one direction to push rounds to the outside of the spiral and into a firing chamber. -by Oblivitus
Layered Drum Mag: A drum mag with multiple layers that fill the entire space within the drum which both rotates with an elastic and is pushed up by an elastic. When the outer layer is emptied of rounds, the drum moves up and the next layer begins emptying. This layer changing would be achieved by making the rounds press upward against a flat surface on the gun. -by Oblivitus

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i don't think this could be made with knex, and i support what ooda said. anyway, i was working on a drum mag not too long ago, a normal one, but a drum mag none-the-less. i posted it in my failed projects 'ible.

Dude, I saw that. And what amazed me is that it worked (so far as I could tell). What made you consider it failed again? I thought it was great.

for some reason, the bullets kept getting stuck in there. i think the problem was that the outside wall, although i tried to make it as round as i possibly could, still was an octagon, and therefore had edges, where the bullets would sometimes jam into. it was simple enough to fix that problem, but it's not really war worthy if it doesn't work 100%. i did state (i think), however, that vortus made a prototype before me for a 13 round drum mag that worked much better, but i couldn't find a way to connect it to a gun. i might actually try again sometime, idk... anyway, thanks

The only way you can get a smooth spiral or round shape is with bendy rods. But those will bend all over the place and mess up the shape. Conventional magazines won't work like this.
I think the only way to try there ideas are with turrets. A turret that unravels to make a spiral, or a turret with multiple layers that moves upwards.

No your wrong type in "Vortus" into the search box he made a 12 round drum mag that wrks perfectly.

I think a spiral turret chain that moves upward like in the layered drum mag I drew would probably work. I might try it.

Yeah!, a turret would be great wrapped in a spiral. Good idea.

I dont mean to take credit, but ive had this idea for a while now, but i havent had a chance to perfect it, i tried, but failed.

Which one? The spiral drum? Cause I figured someone had probably tried it before. How did you approach it?The credits no big deal, people come up with the same ideas all the time and I don't expect anyone to give me credit unless it actually came from me.

Yeah, the spiral, i thought about it, and i thought, "Woah, maybe this will work!!" It didnt, but theres always time to try again.