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K'nex Concepts 14 Answered

Turret-Fed Shotgun: A 3 barreled shotgun, each barrel capable of 50 feet of range, that strikes 3 rounds out of a TR-18 turret simultaneously. One trigger pulls all the blocks at the same time during firing. One master pin pulls back the 3 firing pins. It is also important to note that the blocks should just barely touch the firing pins because there will be 3 times as much pressure for the trigger to overcome as a typical gun because there are 3 blocks. -by Oblivitus

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6 years ago

Yeah interesting but it has been done before, as Mepain stated.


6 years ago

I made both a turreted shotgun and a gatling shotgun capable of hitting your desired range at least a year ago. Though the gatling shotgun was just something silly i made so i didn't care about size.

It's not the same as yours, but it does the same thing, essentially. These shotgun shells have the advantage over your idea (in my opinion) because they are capable of hitting long distances when made properly, and you only have to pull back one firing pin instead of trying to pull back 3 at once.

pic 600.PNGDSCN0212.png

All right, thanks. I'll update my claims. Wow, I didn't realize that got 50 feet, that's great.

Well, I never measured them, but Killerk has claimed the shells to be able to hit 50 feet, and the gun bodies are capable of holding the same amount of power as a TR. Because of that, I have no problem believing that they can. I still need to finish up the turreted one, it has some trigger, comfortability, and turret mechanism issues that I need to fix. It's nothing major though, I'll probably get to it when I have some time or motivation.

One advantage that mine might have is size, the turret would certainly be smaller, and the gun could be too.

Also, the SwagBoss did the same thing as your idea, but with only 2 firing pins.

I understand your concept :D sadly, i dont have the pieces to make at least on Turret 18 style :/ Ive tried using all the pieces i have, but i dont have enough to make a turret :(