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Knex Contest Micro Guns Answered

A knexing contest.


1 No more than 50 pieces.
2 1 handed
3 Right handed

Guns will be judged for reliabillity,  power, sturdieness and looks.

Entry dead line is 30 of April

The prize is a patch, 5* ratings in all instructables and a Subscription.



8 years ago

ill guess ill add this...


That was the first mag fed gun I ever made. :)

kool! i was a noob back then...

 My contest states that you may only use 50 pieces. However, since you used only 7 pieces above the limit, i will accept it. 

*only uses a band on the mag
*"50 pieces exactly"-MLCad
*ok looks
*comfy handle (for small hands)
*fires gray connectors/blue clips

no band semi auto1.BMPno band semi auto21.BMP



same features but with 5 layers and more relyable and 9 less pieces + bigger mag

no band semi auto11.BMPno band semi auto211.BMP

how on earth did you do the graphics thing and how does it shoot and why is there a great big black rod sticking out of the side???????????????

Sorry about the really late reply (I've been inactive) but the graphics where by MLCad and the black rod is the mag.

what is a patch??? and the gun at the top looks quite awsome.

approximately 60 pcs
very powerful for its size
swing out mag
oodammo gun



I think TD won. Months ago.

I know. I'm just stating that TD probably won before the contest started.

iv made a knex gun with true trigger

but its really small
can u enter it??
click on my account thing and have a look at my ibles
its the " very small knex true trigger"
or something like that

plz enter it


Wait, does it need to repeat or not? Because the nano gun is pretty much the smallest practical repeater (I say practical because everything else I or anyone else tried making smaller ended up pretty crappy) but I also made a tiny single shot. I made it even smaller by turning the reds into dark greys and the trigger into just a red. It's pushed with your thumb but that still technically qualifies as a trigger and thus a gun.


Firstly, The gun you pictured doesnt even have a trigger.

Secondly, why does it have to be right handed? o.O

Dosent need a trigger, but its better if it has one. and it has to be righthanded caus i broke my left arm.

Wait, so there are guns that have been made for specific handed people?  Here's a thought: Hold a left handed gun with your right hand. 

 technically it does not need a trigger but i still dont get the right handed thing