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Knex Creations of the Year Awards Answered

Alright sorry I didn't quite start this earlier as it's already New Year Eve but better late than never. You have tonight and tomorrow to vote for your favorite knex creation in each category. I'll tally it all up and announce the winners the day after new year. You may vote for your creation in only five categories. Please only vote for things made this year. You may vote for things that were made but never posted as long as you provide a picture of it and the creator provided enough information about it.

-Best Sniper/ Power Weapon
-Best Mid-Sized Assault Weapon
-Best Assault Pistol
-Best Automatic Weapon
-Best Melee Weapon
-Best Side Arm
-Best Explosive
-Best Non Weapon Object
-Best Large Caliber Weapon
-Best Shotgun
-Best Replica
-Most Innovative Build
-Greatest Builder
-Best Feature in a Knex Weapon (no people as in who made a feature and in what gun? Don't just list a feature like magazine)
Any other ideas? Post them quick as I need at least 3 votes for a nominee for it to win.


my iron man jet boots would win best non weapon object

Sorry I can't fill all of them out but please try your best to do so. -Best Sniper/ Power Weapon- I guess the DD-27 (sorry SR-v2 but it's just compact and easier to use) -Best Mid-Sized Assault Weapon- Hmm they're all pretty much the same I just wish the XM8 was finished. Let me think about it some more. -Best Assault Pistol- Spiff hands down. -Best Automatic Weapon- I'd have to go with EB's Semi. -Best Melee Weapon- (1) My Master Sword. It was just so dang cool! I have to remake it! -Best Side Arm- (2) TDSS I know it's not posted yet but pretty much a TDS2 mashed with apples' SA makes it my first choice. -Best Explosive- (3) My D Splodies Why? They're fun and allow for quite a bit of shrapnel in a small package. Plus they can be combined in different ways to make one effective bomb. My next choice would have been IaC's War bomb. -Best Non Weapon Object- I guess dsman's pinball machine. -Best Large Caliber Weapon- The Original Cannon by IaC. It's a beast! -Best Replica- (4) My Mac. Hey I got 5 votes to use for myself but I love the gun and a lot of people have found it awesome as well. It works as good as the TDS but looks like a real gun. I was thinking the MP5k which looks awesome but it just doesn't work as well. My next choice would have been trauts tommy or Kat's AK-74. Once again I wish the XM8 was finished! -Best Shotgun- I can't quite decide yet let me think some more. -Most Innovative Build- Dang it I'm not too sure about this one either. -Greatest Builder- Vic congrats. You dish out creation after creation without ever stopping but nothing ever fails in quality! In case anyone wonders I don't know who I'd pick next because everyone wins for one reason or another but Vic stands out above the rest. -Best Feature in a Knex Weapon- (5) The Shells in the XM8. Even if the XM8 isn't even finished I still showed pictures and gave a detailed description of the shell mech. Even if you can't store as much ammo it makes it so that the ammo doesn't jam and gives you the nice shell ejection effect we all love. Alright sorry for making that long but yeah. I'll finish the ones I couldn't complete later.

Thanks for that builder part man. ;) Sorry for this idiotically late coment, but i just saw it now. And you RULE!!! I got inspired to post my creation thanks to guys like you and The Jamalam. Again thanks! :D

Oh and just so I follow my own rules here are my pictures for unposted (I'm making it a word dang it!) projects in order.


best shot gun should be solekillers and most inovative the knexsayer

sniper- katarukito's slingshot gun prototype- not very popular, but very effective. mid-sized- BB's Assault lancer- Sweetest rifle ever. assault Pistol- IaC's AST- Faulty for me, but I seemed to be the only one. Automatic- No vote Melee- dutchwarlord's knex knife-best knife posted. sidearm- IaC's spiff- better more compact version of his AST. explosive- no vote non weapon- no vote large caliber- IaC's v.5 handheld-the only one I can build. shotgun- no vote replica- I recently saw the best ever model of a VSS, but it wasn't released yet. I think it belonged to KnexStealth. innovative- Ironman's glock23-just because I love it. feature- I want to give this one to your tdss, FINALLY a slide action (with a mag) that doesn't use chopped rods!!! Greatest builder- no vote Sorry I couldn't fill in all of the categories.

Well give the feature to Apples because really the slide and barrel idea belongs to him. Search his attempted side arm. That's what inspired me to make the TDSS.

My slide action side arm. I have a picture on "what should I do next?" thread or you can just look below.

Changed vote- Non weapon- my Transforming robot-car- I'd vote for Glitched, but I couldn't build any of his. innovative- bballkidx's hammer mechanism gun.

lol i didn't know darth vader was a women do u want me to get u some cranberry juice for ur period?

His Camera will get fixed soon.

Bipod was for displaying the gun.

nah it was not a sniper, it was an assault rifle.

i wont vote in this one, but I have a suggestion for an award. Most improved knex builder.

I think viccie.b 1993 was the most improved in my opinion, he went from block trigger to super cannon, super rifle, other stuff.

Sniper: DD-27
Mid Size Assault: Traut's g36
Assault Pistol: spiff (i would have voted my SN31 Assault pistol but no-one cares for it)
Automatic: _
Melee: dutchwarlords knife
side arm: TDS2
Non weapon:
Large Caliber: IAC's Cannon
Shotty: _
Replica: Trauts G36
Best Builder: all knexperts? (i dunno)
Best Feature:magazine

well if you give me a good gun with 5 good reasons for it i might change it

i put down Sr-V2 - up to 500 feet - VERY powerful - hardly any friction, the only friction created is from air resistance - adjustable stock - no ram, you can put a fair amount of RBs on it before it's impossible to load

it is sniper/power weapon, he just put down sniper. the DD-27 fits perfectly into the category. and we don't know that about the SR-V2. since the SR-V1 used the rubberbands to there potential, you will get almost no change in range of the SR-V1 to the V2. the only range increase is do to better rubberbands.

the v2 uses a particular size surgical tubing an the mounting of the tubing is what gives it increased power trust me the force is pretty strong if i wanted to lengthen the barrel on the v2 i would have to support it a ton better or the barrel will snap in half the v2 was designed so this wouldn't happen the barrel is at a good length so extra support was not neccesary the gun i made that shot 500ft used a ton of structural support that is why i know that benyfox or whatever his face is his gun wouldn't shoot 450ft or whatever he claims cause i know the forces needed to get that kind of distance not to mention the projectile is just as important as the weapons design it is a combination of a strong design and well balanced projectile i spent months perfecting the design of both the gun and the projectile on the v2

but it is a power weapon which is the same category with snipers.

really? thanks!
i dont think its well advertised cuz not too many ppl have seen it...

no problem, i like it a lot.(i still have not build it yet though, i need to find a couple black hands.