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Knex D-15 Revolver Answered

Heres a (prototype) revolver i just made and is by far the most powerful revolver yet made which revolves automaticly after each shot and can hold 8 bullets. Should i post when completed?


i made a revolver that has a swing-out cylinder , this makes me want to post it if i did not destroy it.

u probly destroyed it but plz post post post post post soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

This makes me want to get back to making the revolver I made, it had 8 shots, and the ammo wheel thing was removable, but I couldn't make the frame strong enugh, I might try to build it soon, but i need to finnish something off before I do


10 years ago

Give it a stand/turret thing

I wont be posing it, i used the peices for something else.

just wondering, what does a revolver do? hahah


10 years ago

you soab.

Hey, you get that money yet? +P