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Knex Rifle Answered

i was going to post this in another forum but the pictures on the comments didn't work so here it is. it has a true trigger with a sear, there is a small rod to pull back the firing pin under the carrying handle, the sear automatically locks into place and the mag is not detachable because of the amount it wobbles.the trigger housing is a little messy and i feel the front isn't as good as it could be so i just want some feedback on what you guys think about it and how i could improve it.



 not bad, new mag and new barrel :) 

Do you realize just how old this topic is? This thing is horrible by today's standards and definitely not worth reviving.

...you'd best just start from scratch then instead of trying to modify this thing.

 fair enough, its mechanism that i struggle on though, and i hate to take other peoples 

instead of having a square end you should extend it to make it look like a machine gun


By "Machine gun", I think he meant full auto. Its too easy to call a full auto a machine gun these days.

aww, now im kinda dissapointed when i saw it, the mag looks really bulky in front of the trigger, most of the famas' looks come from the mag in the stock. does the mag come out and stuff? everything else looks picture perfect.

no like i said the mag doesnt disconnect because it can only be connected to the barrel but if it could be connected to the frame then it could be disconnected. and i was going to put the mag in the butt but i wanted to get the main mechanism working first, and having the mag in the stock will be very difficult and may make it unreliable

oh,i wasnt paying attention or i didnt read the fourum, but you could make a false mag in the butt, but have a real 5 shot mag in the front, hidden out of sight.

I WANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR IT!!!!!! By the way whats the range and which rubber band did you use

hey guy i know u might of created it a long long time ago but cud u make it a bit more basic??? dude???

hey dude wats wit da pics theyre b hind the other links?????? wat up wit dat

oh by the way sweeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

post instructions plz

please can u rebuild it and make instructions

Well I could if I were the creator. Build the Inferno if you like this.

If you're disappointed with that, your standards are too high. LoL I think it loox cool.


9 years ago

Not so realistic, but i like tyhe gun ... a very, clean style of design ...

That doesn't look like the real thing...


that is not an famas

is it semi auto if so im so making it


10 years ago

Is it just me or have new pictures been posted since the last time I saw this way back in May?


11 years ago

looks nice! i might build! drops creamcheese bagel ion keybjhvod

i built it jammed every time but fired once and when it did i let go of the ram not knowing were i was pointing it and the bloody cat got hit and the police fined me 20 quid for criminal damage to people property.

it looks good but i think a famas has its mag near the butt but im not sure...