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Knex Games Answered

Does any body have any ideas for any knex carnival style games?


Knex war.


8 years ago

sorry for the wait! ive been really busy! lol, heres the ring toss, the lower the rod the higher the points! hope you like it! (its only something simple, not anything fancy lol)


thanks! lol, how can you rate it?

I just like it. its pretty cool. im going to build it soon

thanks, you could make it way better though...

Sure ill try and post pics of it if you want


8 years ago

lol, m16 STONER!

No, but you called the kid a stoner XD

lol, i meant theres an m16 stoner, yes that the name of the gun!!!

Yes, Stoner Arms are a weapons manufacturer...

lol, didnt know that

Well you do now :)

The M16 was made by Eugene Stoner.
Try making a game of chess, or throwing small K'nex rings (either tires or white rod-green connectors) onto a rod that has a base.

Cool post it when your done, i want to see it

Where the heck is the M16?

its in a book ive got....

What do you mean? Also I want to see thoses pics u said were going to post. Hoping to see them soon.

nevermind, ill post them soon!


8 years ago

ages ago i made a ring toss, it was quite good, ill give you a picture soon...

Cool. Can't wait. By the way im taking a break from knex guns cuz my mom gets mad at me and says they cause violence. So im taking a break from that.

You and KGB have the same avatar, so I thought you were talking to yourself for a moment there...

Dude, seriosly! Also the reason i stopped is because im limite with pieces, i dont have that many to make the stuff other people can make.

LOLZ! I can only play violent games on my wii for half an hour a day, because my mom thinks I'll become a mass murderer when I'm older.... man!

My mom dont care if i play violent games, but she only lets me play 1 hr on sat and sun because i play too much Xbox 360

I know i just think its just plain bull s***!