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Knex Gun Database Open To New Members Answered

Created December 2011, the Knex Gun Database is a wiki (open to editing by any member admitted into the group) that stores all the knowledge on knex guns. It's purpose is to quickly bring new knexers up to speed on knex gun building so that they do not duplicate past inventions and can therefore can continue to push the community forward and innovate. TheDunkis and I (Oblivitus) believe that this is ESSENTIAL to the future of knex guns.

If you would like to join us in this noble endeavor please go here: http://knexbuilding.wikispaces.com/

Sign up for an account and request to join the group.
Please follow the formatting that all the other pages use.

Thanks for your help! With your support, we can move knex gunning forward!

If you are reading this, than copy, paste, and re-post this entire block of text in your own forum to get this message to everyone.

Thank you,


I think there should be a database on known guns and known members of the knex community.

Thank you Oblivitus!!!

Yeah man, had to get something started, the new people just keep reinventing the wheel. TheDunkis and I may have gotten the ball rolling on this but it'll take the community to make it happen. That reminds me of another idea I had actually. Could you help me by re-posting this in your own forum? I'm going to write in the description an open invitation to everyone to re-post this right now. If I can get this spread around the community that would be great.

I'd be glad to do it. Thanks for showing some initiative.

Added magazine page. Can you check it if it's good?

That's great, thank you. Just getting some information on the site is the top priority. I can always edit peoples stuff to refine it. Just make sure to look closely at the other pages because you did have one or two formatting issues on there. I can fix them sometime if you don't get to it first though. Thanks!

Great Idea! I just joined the database

Thank you! We could really use some help. I haven't added anything in a while but I should really get back on to add some stuff from time to time too. If everyone pitches in a little than we can make this happen!

No problem. I think I'm adding an 'magazine' page when I finished your Z35 (found some extra yellows, starting in now)

Yeah I've been thinking about that too. I know that people who never made anything with Knex sometimes come with the most innovating and logical things.