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Knex Gun Review: The Sipriani Rifle V2 Answered

Creator: Viccie.B.1993
Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/The_Sipriani_Rifle_V_20_Revised/

Area Overviews:

Comfort: 10/10
Range: 10/10 (well over 100ft)
Power: 10/10 (can pierce 2 sheets of card from 35ft.
Gun Strength: 9/10 (highly unlikely to break)

Gun Overview:

Stock: 10/10
Handle: 9/10
Barrel: 10/10
Trigger: 10/10

Comments: Outstanding. this gun is incredibly powerful and looks great, the stock is extremely comfortable, looks good and fits snugly in your armpit. the gun can handle an immense amount of power without snapping (this being the revised v2.0), and deliver the bullet straight with only a little drop in height. it is extremely accurate.

This gun should be built by anyone looking for a reliable, absolutely awesome knex creation!


can you review any of my guns? I'll let you choose which

hey statfield, can you review my crossbow? found over here

will do ive already made it so shouldnt be too hard :)

Will you please make a review of my El Diablo too? If you do, thanks :D If not, already thanks for reading :)

i can but itll have to be in just over a weeks time as im staying at my grans for a week :)

cool, i didnt know you made my crossbow already! :-)

hmmm.......... that racks up my total builds for this build to 3. using statified's rating system, what do you rate the stock? he rated the old stock, so its not accurate...

Lol you spelled the name wrong :P It's supposed to be Sipriani Rifle V2 And thanks for the amazing review :D 5 stars!

Sneak a Peek!
H.V.I Cannon S-GR 2280

:D :D

Awesome! any idea of a rough piece count?

i used all my yellows so itll be like a hundred maybe 90 :)

cool im gonna buy some knex with my birthday money (bday on thursday) so ill build then!