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Knex Gun Triggers Answered

It has come to my attention that there is some controversy surrounding Knex gun triggers. I know very little about Knex guns and have become extremely curious as to why this was. What is a block trigger and why is it inferior to other forms of triggers?


best triger yoy can get is defnetley the ak 47 triger it gives you up to 7 shotes no reloding thats bling at its best.


9 years ago

Block triggers are the strongest possible form of trigger, as well as most reliable. When I make a weapon that I intend to use in a K'nex war, I'll use a block trigger on the gun. KILLERK's pistol uses a block trigger. There are other reliable triggers, and if I'm making something just for fun, I'll use a different kind of trigger. These triggers are usually not nearly as reliable though. Not inferior, but immensely superior.

I think with today's knex technology, the true triggers are just as reliable as block triggers. The sear system has a lot of work to do though....

What you refer to as true triggers are still block triggers, as they still block the pin from the front.

that comment made me think you were referring to the true triggers as block triggers in your other comment above.

Well, true triggers are more realistic and more instinctive to pull, like you pull on a real gun, and almost all block triggers go on a simple tube and stick design, so there really isnt anything new from block triggers these days.......

He means that as long as the pin is blocked from the front, it's a block trigger. It's still a block trigger if it uses a true trigger mechanism.

what about block true triggers like jammy uses on his storms? i believe they are the best

all his knex guns (except 222) have true triggers, not block-trues. 222 is pseudo semi-auto

looke at the 223. check out the trigger. it is block true

Why not use a a trigger which kinda stops a white cong from spinning, then put elastic bands arround the cog, and pull trigger. trigger allows cog to spin, and cog releases elastic bands. Thats what I use and I will post soon a trigger like this.

block trigger is the type of trigger that blocks the firing pin and has to be turned to make the gun fire. https://www.instructables.com/id/A-knew-loading%2c-fireing%2c-and-handle-techunique-kne/ this gun has a block trigger.

the knexers are now tired of them since they always come with very simple guns that are so much alike that they are like spam.

the triggers we like to use are true triggers, true triggers also block the firing pin, but they are pulled like the trigger on a real gun, instead of just being turned.

all good guns have true triggers, and they are still very simple mechs, and it gets annoying when noobs post bock triggers and then say they can't make a true trigger.

and to answer your question, they are not exactly inferior in the power they hold, but how they work. knex guns will never be able to hold enough power to break the trigger piece, even if a block trigger can hold more power. it makes no difference witch trigger is used, just the true trigger is more realistic and makes the gun easier to use. and true triggers are in such a abundance these days that it would not be hard to find one that is on another gun that would work on your gun. the only real excuse to not use it is being lazy.

all good guns have true triggers

You need to rethink that.

the good guns can have sear systems, or sling mechs, other than true triggers.....

i use true trigger as a generalization for all of those.

i meant that most of them do. anyway, i consider a block trigger that is pulled like a true trigger because of one reason or another a true trigger. so please show me one gun that is good that does not have a true trigger.

Its not! Its just crazy simple, and is the most beginners can manage. Therefore we get a lot of block trigger guns from noobs, which is why they are generally disliked.

yeh might want to put it in more friendly terms, an admin posted this topic....

LoL Its going to be a dark day when instructables starts banning regulars because they said "Noob".

To answer your question "what is a block trigger?", its a trigger that blocks the firing pin, thus storing lots of potential energy. You turn it to the side to fire. This gun has a block trigger. You can see how much time and effort is put into most block triggers, thus the reason we dislike them so much.

To answer your second question, We have hundreds of block trigger knex guns, so much that we used to have a list of them all (most are incomplete), and We can do better at today's knex technology. The true trigger and sear system are much better/innovative than block triggers in terms of method of firing and type of gun they are on.

Besides, most block triggers are copies of other guns.