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K'nex Haas Rifle Answered

A little sneak-peek of my sniper rifle to come. :)

It is difficult to operate, as it was built for an extreme emphasis on range/power and nothing else.

It can use fin-stabilized dart rods IE KillerK sniper rounds.

When I have the spare time, I'll run tests to see how much range I can get it to go, how accurate it really is, etc.

In the first picture, it is unloaded and not cocked.
In the second picture, it is ready to fire a red rod full-power.
In the third picture, same as second but closer view of the mechanics.



11 years ago

hey can you post a pic of the entire gun for us guys?

thank you very much but isnt that just the red impact without a autoloader

I suppose on a shallow first observation one would notice they both use large right triangles for structural support, but the similarities end there. It's completely different.

As I explained to Faust, this Haas rifle utilizes the concept of staging. Staging is seen more often in rockets, but the Haas Rifle essentually does the same thing. The end result is a very fast-moving projectile that benefited from the acceleration of both stages.

Quick physics explanation!

Suppose a convertable car is going 50mph down a street, and the passenger, a baseball pitcher, throws a 50mph ball forwards from the already-moving car.

The baseball player sees the street and neighborhood coming toward him at 50mph because that's how fast the car is cruising along, and he sees his baseball moving away from him at 50mph because that's how hard he threw it.

The observer on the far corner of the street standing still sees a car moving 50mph towards him, and a 100mph ball moving towards him.

Think of Haas Rifle's stage 1 as the car and stage 2 as the pitcher.

hey thanks although physics is my best subject in science so i already knew that plus science being my best overall subject anyways nice idea your very smart as you show in your comments and instructables i cant w8 for this to be posted and yes on a second look i do see the idea behind it i love it!

1. Does it use a firing pin? 2. Single shot? 3. How does it compare to KILLERK's handgun?

1. It uses two stages, both with their own triggers. The first stage involves pulling back an entire gun assembly on rails. The second stage is the typical firing-pin power gun we're all used to. It fires automatically in the middle of the first stage's firing, so that the gun is already moving forward at fast speed as it shoots. 2. Yes. Using a hopper on the second stage would decrease the steps required per shot, but it still must be cocked in two seperate places to fire once. 3. I don't know yet. I'm trying my hardest to make a very powerful gun without copying his method. I could very well have stuck his exact barrel right onto this gun, thus improving on an already powerful design. This Haas Rifle certainly is more complicated to operate, and will always take longer to load between shots.

I often toyed with the idea of making a gun that shoots another gun as its projectile (which is stopped before it flies off the end of the main gun) that then shoots the projectile. But I never bothered actually making one, so i'm anxious to see how this gun performs.

it doesnt look like it did anything from point blank. i dont get why thats cool

It is impaling a red rod through a pizza box. Notice that after it fires, there's a new rod stuck into it. Today, I got it to do the same thing from 25 feet using a test rod with dart fins added.

Sorry, I was trying to make the video private from regular YouTube viewers but still make it embeddable. The same thing I did for the motor explanation in the K'nexecutioner's fifth step. Does that video also not work?

Either way, I made this one public now, so you should be able to see for a while before I take it down. (Won't until a better video is released)

hey ty it works and no u cant see the vids on ur instructable

It must be because I am the owner. I wish someone told me about this for the K'nexecutioner instructable before >.<

i cant see it either

Hey I would like to see your vid, but I cannot view it. Try to put it on your account on youtube plz.