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Knex Halo DMR Answered

Hello guys! I recently built a Knex DMR off Halo reach. Its really cool looking but I have no interest in finishing it. It does work and function just like the Halo DMR.  It has a working bolt that does cock the weapon. It holds 15 grey connectors inside its removable magazine. It is a truly bullpup gun. It shot 35FT using the two bands. It also has a true pull straight back trigger. I have more important guns to be building than this one. (Sorry for the camera image quality, it was taken with my dads Canon camera.)


You should just build the BR, it's more straightforward cosmetic-wise and looks cooler. You could hide a hopper under the scope if you wanted.

With some modifications to the current cosmetics and provided it gets finished, this could have been a better version of my Halo BR, by virtue of it actually being able to shoot.

so its sort of like your blowback system?

where is the FP? the only thing I can think is coming out the stock

XD, yeah, I don't know if making a handle fed FMG-9 is possible, but if anyone can do it, you can. I was working on a MP7 some time back, and I decided to drop it for more interesting projects. Wow, I never knew you were into pistols...I always thought you were a "rifle guy." You better post those things, as I just enjoy seeing stuff like that from you. After all, if you don't post them, I will never know what your taste in pistols is like...

That is pretty sweet bro. To bad you don't want to finish it, but I totally understand. I do that occasionally to. I had an (close) AN-94 yesterday, but I decided to break it...

Nice I always wanted to build one of these