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Knex Hater Answered

theres a new knex hater



10 years ago


Rather random. especially to revive a thread such as this.

my avatar is soulja boy because i want to annoy the haters

You're annoying either way.

someone will have to tell me about him, ive never been bothered to download his music.

soulja boy got a few grammys for soulja boy tellem, but it was so popular because of the dance

I don't care what you think though coolz.

LOL.... suuureeeee ya dooo.....

cuz they arent that powerful. hopefully, the tkppr will help dispel that vision.

cuz they arent that powerful

thats if you are talking about knex guns. i was talking about knex in general.

and knex gun are powerful with the right combination of things. eather way i don't want them to powerful, keep in mind that little kids are going to build the guns i post.

good point on both accounts. okay. maybe he thinks he will be cooler if he hates knex lol

no. I want to be unique by hating knex

sorry. a lot of people hate knex. your not the first to think about it. you can be the first to hate my wise advice if you want though...

all of my wise electronic advice.

youll have to stay alert. electronics questions arent flooding the site. or all my wise advice to everyone on the site, given out at appropriate times.

Wow. You really are full of yourself, aren't you?

not really. my advice is almost always right. plus, compared to him, im 100% credible.

Alright I feel like arguing before I leave. Now tell me again why does it suck just because it can be played with by 5 yr olds? Give me a really good reason why.

There's no use telling you why. K'nex is simply a part of your life now.

Or can you not make up an excuse? Tell me why is it they annoy you. Lets say that there arn't any knex noobs on instructables and we've only posted 10-20 guns (although you guys seem senstive enough you would have probaby still called that a lot) would you still find it a kid's toy? Seriously I want to know what makes things "kids toys"

First of all, it IS a kid's toy. For me, you're just making " guns " out of children's colorful building blocks. Second of all, when I search for weapons in the search engine, sometimes K'nex weapons come up. I want real weapons, or at least their wooden practice counterpart, not this kid stuff! Oh, and that's just my opinion. I don't wanna get on anybody's bad side.

( Wooden practice counterparts are only for melee weapons )

yeah I know how that goes. Still there is an instructable on how to shut knexers out from searches. Just because something is a kid's toy does not just make it for kids. Anyways it's for this reason I quit instructables...and I was just out biking with my friend so yes that proves I have a life other than the computer...just sayin' not talking about you.

What I'ble? I would love to not see these irritating toys everybody call " weapons " again.

Well one could potentially injure someone so they can qualify as weapon although a rather crude one at best. Anyways look here and see if it fits what you want. Sorry knex has caused you much troubles. I don't just like knex but it's all I use this site for. Obviously that was a mistake...Have fun!

And yes, I would still think of them as kids' toys.

:( I thought you were my friend :(

I am your friend. I just simply don't like K'nex.

iv always been a knex hater, knex sux, if you cant make it outa pvc, its no good to me