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Knex Horse Drawn Carridge (T.N.K.I.T.) Answered

This is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T., enjoy!


P.S. Watch the video


But they're two different types of vehicles. His is a wagon. Mine is a Carriage. Two different types of vehicles.

Thats probably the most original entry yet.

"yet" MUAHAHAHA. I can haz orignality?

xD!!!!!ONE!!!ONE!!! (sorry) Your entry will be wicked.

lol, its funny how the wheels on the carraige stop moving and just skid when it goes on the tile.

i really like this, i would never of thought of this. really good. 5 stars :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Not much of a horse... but the carriage is good.

Yeah, it's kind of hard to make a horse that looks somewhat realistic.

Sorry for the double post but this is for your score so; Does it have any added functions? Is it reliable, will it run all the time?

For added functions it has the top that opens up. Here are the closed and open pictures.


You can see the top part has all those orange connectors and they swing on the Grey clips to reveal the back seat.

Wasn't expecting an entry of this sort... Good job!

Nice job, big points on originality. Never seen a horse-drawn carriage out of K'nex before.