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Knex Injuries Answered

Have you ever been injured by knex? - if so please post pics !Give a pain rating from 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful) And i bet someone will say 'i hope so!'


broke my finger once (shot it)


6 years ago

one time i was trying to fix the trigger on my NAR and I pushed the trigger down and it fired and the skin on my finger got caght in the barrel with the pin firing

I mainly get "knex thunbs", really dry, worn out thumbs from snapping knex in and ouyt all the time. Lots of dead skin :-(

Yeah. Now I just have iron thumbs from repeated abuse. They feel kinda cool.

yeah, me too. then there was that time where i accidently shot myself in the foot with the dd-27 equipped with 3 rubberbands.it was about a 4.

yeah... i get them too, they hurt. try using pliers for the toughest bits. also, i thought it to be impossible at first, but i may have more knex than you! i built the sipriani rifle v3, your heavy canonns (v1, 5 and your heavy crossbow)
and had leftover knex!

yeah that happens to me alot, it once got to a point where i had to stop building for a few days ebcause it was sooo sore.

and to make things worse soemtimes i chew my nails, and when i have no thumb nail it "really" starts to hurt.

I just chew the skin off my joints, still alive...

There called caluses... I have only had one in my life, and it was from playing guitar...

He isn't talking about calluses... A callus is when after doing something many times, your skin becomes tough in a certain area. Like you said above, you get them from guitar. The things he is talking about is when you have dry skin and after snapping in many pieces, a lot of the skin comes off. The same thing happens to me.

My skin is tough on my left hand from guitar, maybe he was talking about a wart?

Ohhhhh... Then that has never happened to me...

Dammit!! Same spot! To answer your questions, yes knex did this, yes it is the same thing as last time, and yes, I am stupid enough to take a picture before I help myself.


meh, it isn't too much blood, I once sliced my finger with a serrated knife, THAT was a lot of blood. It hurt less though.

Did that with a wood saw on a swiss army knife the other day.

Did you have to get stitches? They had to put stitches in me to keep my finger on, but the anesthesia wouldn't stay in my finger because of all the bleeding.

Not that bad, I was in a field trying not to be seen by people with L85s (blanks, but oh well), and I found a little hole about my size with a gorse bush over the top. So I cut the gorse bush down with my wood saw and pulled it over the top of me, but as I closed the blade it sliced my thumb. Since I was in the middle of nowhere, I just had to live with it :)

Why were you hiding from the British Armed Forces in the first place? Training exercise? Failed terrorist attack?

Training, lol. But I did manage to nearly set fire to an MOD training ground with a hexamine stove and a packet of beverage whitener! You in the UK yet?

Why would they put you through training at that age? Or am I missing something?

You got Facebook? Search RAF Leuchars Easter Camp 2009, there should be a group. Lots of Tornadoes.

No, that camp was something we went to...

No, it'll take awhile. Have to work up enough money to buy a home, a plane ticket, a way to move my stuff, and find a job. Not very easy when you're still in high school.

i know what that is like, i cut it just above my finger joint and it went right down to the bone i ran to my mom and she thought i had chopped my finger off

Ya, neither did I, they were closed. I went to urgencare, like the hospital, but smaller, and open later, but they were about to close too. I had to get stitches, and I had to wait in the waiting room for about half an hour.

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