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Knex Ipod Answered

wouldn't it be cool to have a huge ipod dock made from knex, that looks like a HUGE ipod, also it could be rigged so that when you turn the humongus wheel, the ipod wheel moves! Just like this, but with the Ipod inside!


PM me when done! even if it does't do anything, still Pm so I can see how to shape knex like an Ipod. cause I cant!

Well, I just figured out It cant work: Ipod scroll wheels are heat sensitive. A piece of knex rubbing the scroll wheel does not do anything. Sorry!

i found that out to, but you can try something else!

Yes. Let me know if you have any more ideas that are similar.

nor do i, what I mean is that the buttons on the Ipod are not heat sensitive, so you could make a knex ipod remote, witch is like an Ipod shuffle

any progress, Icant even make something that looks like one

No, And I cant say I have tried :-( I will once my connon is posted though, Ill let you know if im getting anywhere.

ok umm, maybe just like the ipod remote, because the buttons are NOT heat sensitive,so al you can do is push the buttons (the wheel would still spin, it just would not do anything)

DOnt count on it, Ill only have the pieces when my Cannon is done.

hmmmm... how would you work out all of the electronic parts? That'd be kinda weird/hard,

wat do you mean? it would not be hard, just difficult.

is that an ipod pillow

yes, but thats not mine, I want one made of knex