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Knex Juggling prop stand Answered

Just a little stand to hold some of my juggling props. Takes 3 clubs, 5 rings, 3 medium balls and 5 small balls.

I know I know, it's not the most outstanding thing I've ever built, but I thought is was cute...



ahh dont have the big square things to build it. and I have all 3 the rings,balls and clubs

Give this to a homeless clown for christmas lol.

 This pretty much puts you in my list of top ten most awesome people ever!


8 years ago

epic! post! 5*

What are the chances that an instructables using juggler who uses knex would build it though? :-p

Thanks anyhoo though!

Yes, eating an apple while juggling other fruit is rather comedic.

no, like juggle apples or oranges, not eat them at the same time

i like juggling and i use knex so post!

 I think it would be worth your time and effort to write this up as a full instructable! Be sure to link me to the final thing if you do. ;)

You reckon? I'm not sure that anybody would make it... Plus, my juggling balls are homemade and other balls prolly wouldn't fit. If you think its a good idea though, I might...

That second link doesn't work for me...

I'll post it then, give me some time though.

I think you can make this without instructions. Its pretty self~explained. I cant make it cuz i dont have those Disk thingys with the holes. But I suggest 2 try to make it before he posts the instructables. PCE!

Ha Ha, I like it. Are you a good juggler?? If so you should make a video.


8 years ago

I see you got your juggling rings lol!


8 years ago


Now make a video of you juggling!

I've talked to my friend about making a video sometime, if it ever gets made, I will post it...

Cool! I stink at juggling, lol.

Simple, yet useful. I like it. 5*


8 years ago

You know what I like about you? You take things that could be ridiculously simple (Like a box.) and make it really crazy and complex. *5