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K'nex M1 Garand - or the lack of them ! Answered

ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUNSMITHS ... or even better, ESPECIALLY ALL WW2 enthusiasts. I have been at this for ages and just cannot make any headway. Could anyone make something like an M1 Garand (pics 1 and 2) or even the carbine (pic 3)? It could be a firing pin gun or any other mechanism but it should look like it and fire decently. I d be willing to do a collaboration or let you take all the glory yourself ... so long as you credit me slightly in some way :)


you cant make a load of knex look like an M1 Garand, its impossible

Exactly. You can't duplicate what General George S. Patton called "The greatest battle implement ever devised."

dat aint an m1 garand what you found was a m2 carbine

That's no M1, that's an M2. Just look at the handle on the M2 and the lack of handle on the M1.

It could be either, I do not know what you are talking about the handle. The M2 has fully auto but the earlier M1 does not. That could be hard to spot, though. It is probably an M1 because it is one of the first pictures you see when you Google Image Search M1 carbine.

Look at the guns, ok? Now, look at the M1. Notice how it has no "handle". It is like an old-fashioned shotgun, in which the "handle" is attached to the stock. The M2 has a pistol grip.

only the ones for paratroopers. They made it to be extra light so it wouldnt be too much of a burden. They also made it with the M1 "handle"

just because it says it is an m2 does not mean that it looks like one just take off the (fake) mag and there you go, instant m1 Garand, just add water


7 years ago

why would people give you any credit if you didnt help build it or even make a gun that they could take abit off to build it?

why would we give you credit? if i built it i would take all the credit.

I forgot what the discussion was about
*you're late*



gosh stop arguing over a knex gun

I made a model and there is some guy that made one that shoots.


m1 garand is a lovely rifle, i like the empty mag pop out at the end lol, its like bam bam bam bam bam bam bam bam, PING

Finally someone who agrees with me - its very good. Yes i like the PING too but it was a nuisance to the US using it - it gave them away in some situations. "Oh yes, and bring the machine that goes PING!" Sorry random Monty Python quote but it just popped into my head when i saw that.

"Something is missing, and I can't think what it is..." "The patient?" "Ah yes, the patient! Here she is!" John Cleese, Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life. As regards to the clip ping, surely the gun firing would attract more attention?

Exactly "What do i do?" "Nothing dear, you're not QUALIFIED ."

yes precicely... "bring out the holy hand grenade" "pull the pin on the holy hand grenade" "throw the holy hand grenade"

"and what do u burn apart from witches?" "MORE WITCHES!"

the second pictuer after the m1 Garand is a M1 carbine

i wonder what the accuracy distance is xd, also wonder how far it goes.

well i just finished a m1 grand shoots great even made rifle grenades for it going to post after i do a few mods on it

wood would be better, but that would totaly defeat the purpose of this page
read the name: KNEX m1 garands

Why K-nex, try making it out of wood!

actually the gun on the far right at the bottom is an M1 carbine not an M1 Garand THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!!

hey, I know I made the carbine but... I'M MAKING THE M! GARAND so... yea. It will be semi-auto (Like the real one) and it might go ping when u fire the last shot! omg...

Its done! sadly its not semi auto... but it is a single shot srv1-type trigger. haven't tested the range because I finished at 12 pm but I got it to shoot all the way though cardboard (unsharpened...!) the only prob is that it is close to real size therefor the stock and gun don't fit me lol. so here it is! the first pic of a knex m1 Garand!

Photo 9.jpg


it tis posted...

ok, thats what i am building. this with my new bolt mech.

I have been working on one for a while, but can still mod it. Do you want a clip or a mag?

it's not just called a clip the thing that goes ping is called a stripper clip manualy loaded it also has eight rounds one on each side like this <--- <--- <--- <---

I made 1:)

i made one once, check out my profile thing. theres not an entire picture of it, but it fired far AND looked like one

The only time I ever liked the m1 was in some video game i have. call me prejudice, but i hate all rifles that dont have separate handles plus they are impossible to build


Very ugly gun I think.

You have obviously never fired one. I have, and if there is anyone who doubts that my Dad owns an M1 Garand, I will post a pic of myself holding it.

Fine go ahead . Personally i do not doubt that (no sarcasm).