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Knex M16 Vietnam Style review. Answered

this is a review for silentassasin21's m16 review:

looks:4,5 looks like a real thing.
comfort:4 sometimes stick a blue rod in your hand.
strenght:3,5 the barrel is a little weak,the rest is stong enough
piece usage:4 not to much,but use a lot of green rods.
innovation:2,5 the only innovation thing is the new mag.
power:4 not bad for a replica.
accuracy:4 good for a replica.
reliabilty:4 if you have to much bands on it,then snaps the sight of and shoot into your face :P

total:4 great gun by silentassasin21,build it and sub him!




8 years ago

im making the barrel and gun WAY better!

but its already a good gun.

not to my standards! i had to redo the whole barrel and im making the rest later

listen, when its done you will see a perfect m16 (looks)


 awesome gun replica ! 5*


8 years ago

Getting shot in the face can be a problem :P

just tape it,and i used two realy realy big bands

Thats weird i put 2 strands of 3 tied together #64 bands on it got 55 feet and it never backfired nor fall apart 55 feet is really all you need.