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Knex Magnum Cannon? Answered

Im about to show you guys how to take your magnum from quincys instructible and make it into a cannon thing. To turn it into a cannon, have to do 3 easy steps: 1)Take the yellow rod off the firing pin, the firing pin will be the ammo in the cannon. 2)In the front of the gun there should be a orange/black connector that you would stick your original ammo in, take that out. 3)There Should be 3 blue rods in the front of the gun.Two of them are in the very front, and one is about an inch from the front.Take the one that is an inch from the front and take it out. After you do all three of these steps the old firing pin should be able to slide out.Make sure it can slide out, then put it back in. Slide it to the very back of the gun, where it should get stuck because of the trigger.Take a pretty big sized rubberband, and stick it through the middle of the barrel, BEHIND THE AMMO. This can get a little frusterating, so just keep practicing. Once you get it through pull it to the front of the gun and ring it around a rod or something. Now when you pull the trigger the ammo should fly out of the barrel.You can add as many rubberband as you want to make it more powerful.Sorry for giving you a bad picture. My dads on vacation , and he took the camera, so I gotta make the picture from paint.If you were confused on any part of this topic tell me, and ill try to make it clearer for you. Thanks for reading, and please no bad comments.


I tried just the opposite, but with MY cannon. I put a big block of orange pieces held in place in the front of the barrel. It's got to be the farthest shooting thing I've seen... I'll make a video if I can get it to shoot past 200 feet.


11 years ago

interesting idea, but how well does it fire the firing pin??

I got the firing pin to go 60 feet with ONE rubberband.

I made the magnum and I tried this, IT'S AWESOME!!!! This is a TRUE magnum because it fires a BIG bullet instead of a small rod. BTW, excellent idea and forum topic.

i know my writing sucks

have you guys seen my other forum about this gun and killerks other gun?

it fires about as strong as it did

woh u got good paint skills lol good effort!

Once again srry for this bad picture.