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Knex Mp7 Answered

-Edit, pictures taken from Samsung steller, quality isn't to great-
Hello! Its been a very long time since Ive posted anything on Instructables. But here is one of longer projects, my MP7. It look me three weeks to finish building. It feeds perfectly and has removable clips. It is around the same length, size and weight. It uses a brand new modified ram rod. It feels amazing in your hands and its very sturdy. I have added a strange looking stock instead of the rod stock for strength. There is no point in having a retractable stock because it has a very long ram pull. It also has basic sights up on top seen on MW3. It also has the folding fore handle. More Specs:
  • Shoots 60-70FT (Using two bands and modified ram)
  • Holds 20 Grey connectors in mag.
  • Removable magazine.
  • Very long ram pull.
  • Non retractable solid stock.
  • Very comfortable handle mold.
  • Solid 6th layer body frame.
  • MW3 low profile sights.
  • True trigger.
  • Folding fore handle.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Upper rails.
  • Easy to reload magazine.
  • Trigger guard.