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Knex P90. Need help making! Answered

Hi. I am in process of making a Knex P90. The body is done, but the inner parts like the barrel and other stuff like the magazine and the trigger I can't make because I am not that skilled with knex guns. So if anybody would like to make the body from the pictures I added and make the inner parts by themself and post it as an Instructable, That would be so awesome. So, if you would like to make it, please tell me. And for those of you who do, there are a couple things I could ask. No string, just rubberbands, not an RBG, no gears, no motors, and semi-auto please. But if you could make it full AUTO that would be great! Thanks for reading, please tell me if you can.

Fellow Instructaneer,

P.S. Sorry, my camera quality = :(


I dont know but maybe. IDK i dont know. gunner would cuz he is making the gun LOL!

It looks alto like mine but I don't care if he is I was just curious

yea. I havent heard from him in a while. i'll bet he is making the instructable right now.

I don't care if you did as long as you give me some credit fore the mag when you post the gun

atention everybody click on my name to make my p90

chabber is done just perfectinf the trigger

don't continue with this, it looks decent but ironman's will most definitely out-do you lol :P

Thanks man. That means alot to me. *cries* Yea. there is no way I'm canceling out this one.

Oh and technicaly, this isnt my gun. I just made the body. Knexgunner12 is doing the rest. so most of the credit goes to him.

i'm not commanding you, i'm just saying...yours design is decent but definitely needs some work

what thats alot to ask no string no motor no gears and for it to be semi auto

sorry, but i dont have any of those. semi auto is like boom. load. boom. load. boom. right?

semi auto is pull trigger it shoots,pull trigger it shoots etc only reload when run out of bullets in mag or rubber bands if you use a rbg mechanism to make it semi auto.

can i use like a bit of string because i have semi auto system that shoots 100ft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, at the least 20 feet. and I mean ours. not mine, ours. :)

ok ill make then ill post itll be done by tonight but ofcourse the instructions wont

techdeck30 ill try making it but its impossible to make it semi auto and powerful but ill try thanks for the frame .

I have a mag design that loads like the real P90 I will show you how to make it when I'm done with my P90=)

you have hindges or ball joints right

I'll take a look at his pistol. i dont know what you mean by that but ill look

Nevermind, i can cut them. any other special parts required for the gun?

Hey im gonna be gone for about an hour. ill be back though. cya!

Arnold Schwartzenager

im starting.................................now


hmm great design ill see what i can do to make it fire semiautomatic

Thanks dude! I suck at designing knex guns. When do you think you'll have it done by?