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Knex Platform Lift Answered

Hey everybody!!!

Here is a forum topic from my new ball machine lift called: The Platform lift. I have bin working on it for 2 weeks and I am happy with the result.  But one thing I did't solve was the exit track because I tried a lot of things but it just didn't work. I hope you like it. Because there aren't a lot of views and comments I just made some clearer destruction pictures and I uploaded a parts list. 

Here is the parts list:


-Green: 143
-White: 37
-Blue: 112
-Yellow: 51
-Red: 3
-Gray: 5

total rods: 351


-Dark grey: 29
-Light grey: 3
-Red: 20
-Orange: 6
-Green: 2
-Yellow: 41
-White: 24
-Purple: 82
-Blue: 48

Toltal connectors: 255


-Blue spacer: 71
-Silver spacer: 28
-Tan clip: 12
-Y-clip: 7
-Black hinge: 1
-Blue hinge: 1
-Blue gear: 5
-Red gear: 4
- Knex motor: 1

Total others: 130

Total: 736

Here is a video of it


yeah you are right

i will post them as pictures as soon as i can

Nice lift! But why do you post your stuff as form topics???

Because i this is't an instructable but i will post them in an instruction form as well but there won't be instructions of it

Then why don't you post it as pictures??? You'd get more views.

Nice lift! it looks pretty much like my scissorslift (https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Ball-Lifter-1/)