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Knex Pricing Answered

How much is Knex going for? I have a 33 lb. lot and was woundering how much you guys would pay for it.  I have lost all interest in Knexing, and am now into the real thing. I made the 6 foot and it sucked, but it did fire about 40 yards (you guys way over estimate range, there's no way you could get 200 yards out of a knex gun, I built the sr-v2 and it went 25 yards.)


You are still here? Well I live on the east coast of the USA and id buy if I had the money. If I had the money id pay $200 maybe.

I came back for a little while to sell my knex. Are you one of the knexers from the time I was on here?

Im not one of those knexers lol. I joined ibles on August 31, 2010. And not to brag but I have 91 ibles lol.

Yeah i don't have many instructables, but I was on here ALOT 2 years ago. I just grew tired of knex about a year ago and now pursue the REAL shooting sports. P.S sorry for the late reply

Oh if you get a chance you should try it - it's alot of fun! anyhow again i'm sorry for the late reply, it's always been a problem of mine lol