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K'nex Projects: Always under the K'nex Category or Not Answered

Have you ever made an I'ble of something made out of K'nex, but it is something which could go under another category of posts, such as a piece of furniture or organization item? I've seen some chairs/stools made from K'nex and I myself have recently made a bookstand out of K'nex. Where do you think such posts should be put? Is K'nex always going to go under K'nex? Or does what it is as a whole which decides where it should go? Currently you can only choose one category when publishing. So what is your opinion on this issue?


Great question. Pretend that you are someone looking for a (insert name of project). Under which category would you search to find your project. Also ask yourself what is the purpose of your instructable. Is your instructable more about using the item that you are building, or is your instructable more about building the item?

There really is no right or wrong answer. However, if I was looking for k'nex projects, I wouldn't be looking under the furniture category.

As Kiteman pointed out, those who would be interested in your project will find it by searching, in which case the keywords are important which does not limit you to one choice or another. However in the case of K'nex projects I think the substance may be the way to go. People look in the project material categories such as K'nex or Lego to see what has been made of them, while the other categories such as furniture have many projects but most people probably do not look into those categories themselves, but search for what kind of project may interest them at the moment.

I think the key words are more important than the category.

If somebody wanted to find a cool iPod stand, they wouldn't browse a category, they would search for "iPod stand". Since some of them are made of knex, they will show up in the search.

Indeed, the keywords are what is important for people searching, however for those who might not really know what they are searching for the category may be what they look under. For example if someone is a gardener who has some free time but does not have an idea as to what their next project will be, the might search various gardening terms in which case the keywords are useful, or they might search in Gardening under Living in which case the category is what is important. However as you pointed out most people search by keywords, not categories.