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Knex RPG Answered

hi all i have been working on developing a functional Knex RPG i have a working prototype but i still have 2 problems to work out. The first is its range which is limited to five feet, the second is the bast radius which isnt as large as i had hoped. My question is, should i post an instructable of my RPG as it is becuase even with the range limits its still pretty cool, or should i work all the kinks out of it before i post? i will have some pictures up soon.


post and let the rest of us work out the kinks for you

to make the gun better, you should ad moer rubberbands.

errr... 5 feet isn't that far but if it looks good it might be ok, lol if u ferget the range.


11 years ago

i have an idea for a knex gunthat fires a shell but i need more pieces

well first 5 feet?!!! thats pathetic and second make pictures so i can see what its like