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Knex Recommendations list [Update 2] Answered

Hey guys, ive been here for a while now, and ive built most of my favorite guns already, and im out of ideas. So id like for everyone of you guys to give me ideas of what to make, i need a time passer, ive been laying off the videogames for knex, but i dont know what to build anymore, so just tell me whatever you like, weapons, vehicles, or something. No ball machines or rides though, because i dont have those kinds of pieces/ i lost the balls to the sets. So anyways, id like to thank all of my followers and fans for everything, and im going to keep knexing! I honestly dont plan on leaving ever, so just keep giving me ideas, and ill be good :)

List 1:
SuperKriss Vector - Idea by Bwbt1   
Famas - Idea by Dr. Richtofen    
-Link-  -Build-
Semi auto slingshot with mag / pump action slingshot with ratchet - Idea by Knex.X     (Pending)

Transformer - Idea by AUG-5OM3 (Maybe, depends on whether i can or cant)     (Pending)

Belt feed or 2 round burst - Idea by Johnhall44     (Pending)

Breech loader / pistol / slingshot shotgun with 3 round burst - Idea by Knexbuild     (Pending)

~Thanks for the ideas, anymore will go into list 2~
P.S - The things on the list will be built in order by when people posted the comment with the idea.

List 2:

P90 - Idea by didexo  

M24 Bolt Action - Idea by johnhall44   (Pending)

Halo SMG - Idea by knexlt   (Pending)

Halo plasma rifle - Idea by knexlt   (Pending)

Halo frag grenade - Idea by knexlt   

Halo Beam rifle - idea by knexlt   (Pending)

Mg4 - Idea by knexlt   (Pending)

M4A1 w/ Red Dot - Idea by knexlt   (Pending)

~Anymore will go into list 3. Pictures with your recommendations would help, thank you -SW~

List 3:

Pistol/Rifle with motor - Idea by MrMuffin  

Kill zone 2 gun (Specified) - Idea by JohnHall44   (Pending)

Full auto assault rifle / semi auto shotgun / semi auto w/ drum mag - Idea by BeanieOstrich   (Pending)

AS-50 - Idea by InsaneKnexGuy   (Pending)

~Thank you very much guys, i love all these ideas! But I cant be doing them too often, ill get around to them when i have time, 
(which is pretty often, since this is my off week form practice) and I have other things to do, but i will post asap when theyre done! Again, Thanks a lot, - SW ~

Oh, and P.S. list 4 wont be up for a while, please wait while i finished with at least List 1, because there are piling up, thank you!~


yay you will be working on my idea(it may take a while to make as in forever)just so you know, the hardest part is the trigger reset =D

what about this


holy crap! what is that monster/ Looks nice, what is it called? so i can get some idea of how it works.

it is a made up gun from kill zone 2 that has a bulpup drum mag,after an hour of searching i found a working drum mag on instructables that was just about impossible to find ill try to post some pics of it soon =D

vortus(instructables member)just add a rubber band and it should turn on its own =D Also sorry about the really late answer because i have been around to comment.

I saw it on Google and made my own without knowinf you were making one too

I think you should try making a full-auto knex assault rifle, a true semi-auto shotgun (it can be pin-fired or slingshot), and maybe a semi-auto drum mag assualt rifle.

I love seeing this! I currently have designs for a pump action sling with a removable horizontal mag. It shoots K'nex balls made with those half-cylinder pieces connected by a green rod. Check it out:


I hope it works! I noticed youve been working on this one for a while now. Good luck!

The mag looks good. How much have you built on the gun?

The mag was built a long while ago, but it will serve its purpose in this gun. As for the gun itself, very little of it has been built, except for a barrel that fits perfectly with the ammo and is smooth so a slide can fit around it. When I have finished the instructions for the K2 v.2 I will be able to devote more time and pieces to this build.

I see how it works, but why is the slide like the one on the K2 v.2? I think I might make a pump action slingshot that you pump once and fire 2 times semi auto.

That would be awesome, and I think it is very doable. The reason that the K2 slide is on there is because it needs to protrude into the barrel to draw back the band, but then needs recede back up so that the round doesn't hit it as it is shot.

How would it load 2 rubber bands onto the semi auto ratchet, and each rubber band would be on a different part of the ratchet? (I am talking about the gun I was planning to make)

Well, that would have to do with the pump. There would need to be spacing on between each band on the pump, so I think that we would need to create a system where a part of the pump closes off when the first band hits it, blocking the second band from being too close to the first.

I think I partly understand what you mean, but could you please draw a sketch about it?

Hey try going past all semi auto knex guns and make a pistol/rifle theat has the trigger set up to the motor button so the trigger turns on the motor kinda like an actually ture semi auto gun if u know wat i am saying.

I'm not a big fan of "shooting" k'nex weapons (because I can't ever seem to get mine to work). But, I have a list of weapons that I would like to see. Such as a good Halo SMG, a good halo plasma rifle that doesn't take up a lot of pieces, but is still very accurate looking, a halo accurate looking frag grenade, a halo beam rifle, and a MG4.

Halo SMG #2.gifHalo Plasma Rifle.gifHalo Frag Grenade.gifHalo Beam Rifle.gifHeckler-Koch-HK-MG4-MG-43-Machine-Gun.jpg

can you put an M24 on the next list(real bolt action)?


6 years ago