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Knex Remake Contest Answered

Take a look:
Take an old gun of yours and remake it into a much better gun.
For example I might take my way old tech9 and remake it to be a lot better.
Anyone can enter, all you need to do is submit a link (in a slideshow or forum topic or an ible I guess) by January 11, 2010.
I will request for a few judges after the deadline so they are people who haven't entered anything.
Good Luck.



 ok can i enter?? if so, heres my entry: 
first i posted my freeslinger (pic 1) then i posted my freeslinger with some mods..


Uh... I dunno if I'm still doing this. Its old and I never got enough people. But if I do continue, sure.

Well there were plenty of versions that came before it. But yeah ultimately this is the total added up remake of the original 3.0

sure you can enter. there are only 3 entries though so im extending it.

I will be entering a new version of my RAWR. A link to pictures will be up in a few days.

Original is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/RAWR-Raikous-Assault-War-Rifle/

Redid my Logic bow, now has a turret and annother mod as well, turret mod is on step six of the ible, just click my name to find it. (yes I am that lazy)

Maybe I'll redo my G36C.

This is actually a decent idea. Now a couple questions. Could I do a gun that I never actually posted such as my bolt action? And how far would I have to get before it's no longer a remake but a new gun? I'm considering redoing my Mac-10.

If you have pics of the bolt actions old version as well as new version then yes.
Although the Mac-10 could be cool.

I'll just go for the Mac-10. It would be easiest but I'm just worried that it won't be innovative enough. The only features will be a removable magazine and a trigger that blocks behind it.

I dunno. Is there any versions with stocks or anything? Ok well good luck.

Meh I changed my mind. I'm just trying to think then what are my options? I don't have that many big guns. My best idea is to redo my MP5k. I have an idea for my bolt action but I'm not sure if I'll try it or not. Here's a picture of the one I had in mind in case I do choose this one. It was an awesome concept and I always wanted to improve it.


Redo your MP5k, its only just 1 step above a noob block trigger IMO, it hardly looks like an MP5k.  Or redo your STG 44 or your "Realistic knex uzi".

dunno what to say dunkis, Although the mp5k could be really good.

Yeah that's my next plan. I'll go for the MP5k. It was fairly good at the time it's just small. And even though it sucks it's not near a noob block trigger. It had a true trigger first of all, removable magazines, and an overall design that didn't make it a pure tube and stick gun. But yeah I'll redo it. I would redo the Stg44 but I already tried and I don't have the pieces.

could you make a decent p90 or something? cant find the anywhere

After the contest? I haven't made any full attempts so I don't have one that I could remake.

Can we post remakes we already did before this contest started?

taking a gun you have pictures of or have posted, and remaking it to be a lot better. There must be resemblance.

Ok. you could make it into the AR-4 v4 though... I think that would be better. (i wont judge it differently either way)

I have no idea what the AR-4 v4 will have or how it will work, I have no plans for it.

Nvm i hate doing contests

i realized that gun sucked so much and i also realized how hard it is to find a better trigger

Oh, gotcha. You can still try I mean you do have a month and a week or so.