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Knex Review: Longbow SR-L Crossbow Answered

Creator: DJ Radio
Link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex_Longbow_SR_L_crossbow_The_offical_sniper_remi/

Area Overviews:

Comfort: 9/10
Range: 8/10 (50ft)
Power: 9/10 (i can get it through 3 sheets of paper)
Gun Strength: 6/10 (may break with too many bands)

Gun Overview:

Stock: 7/10
Handle: 9/10
Barrel: 8/10
Trigger: 9/10

Comments: a pretty cool crossbow. it fires well but may misfire sometimes. the bow does bend quite a lot so dont make unless you dont mind bending a few rods. the trigger is reliable and the handle s pretty comfy. the stock is comfortable but doesnt look the best.

Verdict: the body could do with a kool looking frame and filled in stock etc. a new bow that doesnt bend could do no harm. but overall a pretty good crossbow!


hey people, the stock part is not correct, he built the crossbow with the old stock, here is the new one:

Longbow SR-L 001.JPG

um statfield, you have the picture of the old crossbow. the new one had a better stock. also, i used one rubberband on the whole thing, you must have used a lot. ps, did you put spacers on the horizontal bow like the image note said?

but, the review was very honest, i can say nothing wrong with it, except the pic makes me think you just built the old stock...............

i did build the old stock sorrys about that, i did put spacers on, i dont personally mind bending rods but i just put that in incase some people didnt want to bend them :D

well, just leave a note telling everyone to replace all the gray rods with the black rods, the blacks are stronger.....