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Knex Revolver Pictures Answered

***THIS IS NOT A PRIMARY WEAPON, BUT A SECONDARY. I am tired of people nagging me about it, it's a k'nex gun that shoots as far as any other powerful pistol, but the main thing I'm emphasizing here is QUICK RELOAD and RELIABILITY (no jams, mag pushers, or anything to get between you and your challenger). It's just a handgun that I slapped a stock on to look cool, so you can stop telling me that some kid's sniper is better or deconstruction round guns are things of the past because that's just your excuse to put me down. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the obvious.

1. The whole gun, stock, clip, mech, and all.
2. This is with the clip on.
3. This is what it looks like when you take the clip off.
4. This is a front view of the clip the gun uses (I didn't show any empty clips, just take all the white rods off for an empty clip.)
5. And a side view of the clip this gun utilizes.
6. This is what it looks like when you hold it... The handle looks like crap compared to the TDS but actually is very comfy, as the white rods stick out around your fingers.
7. The retarted FPS angle that everyone seems to love.

Stats (KI Template):

Type: Revolver
Weight: N/A
Ammo Type: White or Green Rod
Range: N/A*
Firing Interval: 1.5 seconds
Mag Capacity: 8 Rounds
Mag Reload Time: 2.5 seconds

*This one really depends. A newer white connector will not shoot as far as an older one since the older one will release the white rod easier. That being said, mine shoots about 20-30 feet with a single #64 rubber band at a slight upwards angle with an old connector. Not bad! Sadly, it does not auto-revolve, but there are no clumsy mag pushers poking at you, and while it takes longer to cock and shoot, the reload time is VERY fast, you disconnect a connector and connect a new one, so if you're fast I'd say 1-2 seconds. Also, if the annotations get in your way just click the white "i" at the top-left.

EDIT: New double-cylinder. Slightly slower than reloading regular single-cylinders, but easier to carry around.

7. A picture of the gun with the double-cylinder.
8. The new clip, by itself.

New Round:
Mag Capacity: 16 Rounds
Mag Reload Time: 2.7 seconds

Yes, I know this design is relatively old. Yes, I know other people have done this. This is the first to feature a design specifically for detachable clips.

This may not seem like much, but it reloads extremely fast, and with the double-cylinder design, can outlast any pistol in a firefight. Why? Well, for one, as opposed to loading in each bullet individually (if you use post-it notes they can clog up your gun no matter how you put them in), this comes in packs of eight and sixteen.

Also, there are no rubber bands for the clips, so no jamming, no mag pushers, and no friction from the bullets.
If you rush and slip up with a "regular" gun, you potentially have a broken clip, or bullets everywhere, or a jam. With this, the only punishment is a longer reload time.

Also, while conventional knex gun clips have a lot of pieces, a single-cylinder clip has MORE ammo pieces than non-ammo pieces, and the double-cylinder clip has very few pieces as well. This means you can have more clips built, and the number of bullets you can hold expands exponentially!

So again, while this couldn't fight soley against the SwagBoss, or the Knexsayer, or big knex guns, I would put my money on this above any other sidearm due to its reliability and the fact that its reload time is super short.


Take the stock off....it does not belong there.

Cool. It was a work in progress. It's my gun. I can do whatever I want with it. Thanks for the input though. I'm building for the fun of it, like people should be.

Understandable, yes. I sounded too aggressive with that, but honestly, it detracts from the look and usefulness. Especially since revolvers don't have stocks, and that one looks a bit unreliable anyways.

Yeah, I guess revolver wasn't the right word. I used up about 80%of my pieces on this, and I wanted an 8-shot without a piece-consuming magazine, and I wanted it to look like an assault rifle of sorts so me and my brother could have some good-natured fun together. I understand what you're saying, though.

And I can agree with that completely, that's the way it should be done...we are working with toys after all :P but still, when you present it to a community of people(especially this one lol), you're going to get some criticizing feedback and that stock is something that doesn't really make sense in the given setup. And that's okay, but only if you don't say that it's supposed to be something(in this case, a revolver or a handgun) since neither of those have stocks. Ooda's post covered it best, honestly.

Meh. I took it apart, anyways. To be honest, I only use k'nex as a model for something I'm drawing, not to make guns in a war. This was purely for fun, but APPARENTLY some people can't understand that *cough*DJ*cough* but oh well. Thanks for taking the time to understand me.

I don't design anything for wars either honestly, I just like working with mechanisms and things like that. K'nex wars are actually a bit silly in my opinion... >.> anyways, just keep it up and be creative about it, and you'll be fine on here.

Thanks! I know what you mean. I literally laugh out loud when I see all of those older kids running around with plastic little snap-together guns. I could fling a piece harder and faster than they can with most guns... And my hand is semi/full auto. SO HAH.

This revolver design has been done before and is already inferior to turret guns.

It's more piece efficient, it's lighter, it has faster reload,... I'm not saying in a 1-on-1 battle this would beat the Knexsayer, but it's a very efficient revolver design that could be used in many, many ways. Putting a turret-revolver on a pistol is clunky and slow, but putting one of these on has said advantages over conventional mag-fed guns and is very piece efficient.

I know it's been done before. That being said, this is the most polished and battle-ready one yet in my opinion.

Not to mention it surpasses your guidelines for a first knex gun.

But thanks for the input.

Honestly it's a lot faster loading up a TR than trying to click rods on the front of this snowflake design setup. The fact that the some of the force the gun puts into unclipping the rod from the connector makes it lose power and efficiency. Also it disables you from using whatever ammo you wish, let alone fire it accurately. A normal turret has the ammo pointing straight in an aerodynamic fashion. This makes the ammo flop around from the very second a round is fired.

Well, I'm glad you looked at the pictures.

The clip isn't the rod, it's the connector, so to reload, you snap off a single connector and snap another one on, but the innovation is that it's done in such a way that it stays on securely. Also, again, if you read everything, you'd see that old connectors will let go very easily, and I've updated it so that there's a piece at the end that gives it a little bump so it flies straight. Also, for the third or fourth time, this is a handgun, a secondary, so it's not GOING to let you fire whatever ammo you want. It fires very accurately, the ammo is positioned in such a way that the pin hits it EXACTLY without any friction.

Ask before guessing, please.

Look at pictures 1-3. 2-3 show the CLIP and in picture 1 you see the GUN.

You never answered my question, why are you comparing a new knexer to people who have been doing this for years? I find it unfair, especially since it follows YOUR own guidelines.

I am? I don't recall comparing you to the likes of oodalumps or Mepain...

"already inferior to turret guns"

As if you've made one and they haven't.
I've never attempted a gun before, only other mechanisms, so if it follows your guidelines and shoots half-decent (and believe me, it does) don't tell me it's inferior, if I wanted I could have EASILY posted something on your Jackal (believe me, I have something in mind, should it become necessary) so leave me alone. You're not contributing anything.

Nice attempt at blackmail. However do you really think a negative comment on a gun I made almost 2 years ago will actually solve anything?

BTW I am always gonna be a few days late on these comments because 1- I don't go on ibles as much as I used to and 2- I can't access my you page and see who replied to what comment, so I have to manually browse through the forums and look for replies myself which is extremely time consuming.

Not blackmail, I'm saying that whether you realize it or not you have such a high opinion of yourself it blinds you, and my point wasn't that you would get a bad review, it's that even a new knex gun builder can point out flaws of a more experienced person and possibly fix them.

Before you flame me in a reply, consider this; take your very first gun you ever made by yourself, (I don't mean on instructables) and compare it to mine, I think you would have to agree that this is good, especially for someone who had previously worked on non-gun mechanisms like locks, hooks, grabbers, and other things.

I'm not flaming you at all. Situations are different. You said yourself that you had been knexing here since very early on but only made an account when non-users were restricted. You have been building with knex for a while. The first gun I posted here was the first gun I made (it's deleted btw), so you can't even call that a fair comparison.

Well now your updated pictures are just insane. That's a great idea. I don't see where this piece on the end is but I'm betting what it really does (as opposed to what you want it to do) is over-correct the ammo and make it spin the opposite direction. But hey, I could be wrong. Why not make a video?

I wasn't guessing at all. Trust me, I know this from experience. Also, you should consider the fact they have TR sidearms now.

1. The updated pictures are not updated to what it is now, and
2. It flattens the ammo out as the pin hits it, effectively flattening it out when it's in the air. I'd make a video but I don't have access to a video-capturing device at the moment. I don't care if you believe if it works or not, but "hey, I could be wrong" and "I wasn't guessing at all" sort of contradict each other.

Lastly, TR sidearms are heavy, clunky, and look ridiculous in most cases. The point of this was to make a

and more piece efficient

than a TR sidearm, or any turret for that matter. And seeing as how this is my first gun, like, ever, that I took seriously, I don't think you're being fair.

TR sidearms are NOT heavy and clunky. The 8 shot with stock is very lightweight even with a complex stock. And if you don't think I'm being fair, you should have seen people on my first gun which was made 3 years ago.

8 turrets do not make a good pistol. Maybe a good handgun, but they are so often too big to be considered a pistol, but maybe I'm not seeing this right.

8 turrets are smaller than you seem to think they are. Or maybe it's personal preference.

I don't know, I see them as really big, because they are as wide as a blue connector, and can be very heavy.

I made the DRG revolver into a 4 turret, which is small enough for me to like it enough. I might make it an 8 turret but I would really like to keep it lightweight.

I think that's just your preference. I feel that 8 turrets are light enough.

What's your problem, anyway? There wasn't anything constructive in there. Did you even read my older post? The point was to make an all-knex revolver with few pieces, and I came up with something lighter, faster, and now holds more bulltes, so before you say it's inferior, explain why this couldn't beat out other pistols in a quick match.

Oh and also I notice a fatal flaw with your design. The snowflake turret has the potential of falling off it's mount when fired, since white connectors hold their rods in better than orange connectors. Since I am not the luckiest knexer out there, this might end up happening to me multiple times if I ended up building it.

Again, I said to use older ones for best results, but I made sure the pin hits it in the best place power-wise, accuracy-wise, and other things.

Even with older ones, you can be surprised with just how stubborn a white connector with rods in all connector slots actually is. It's more noticeable if you click the rod in sideways but still. Some guys on a different site (Knex forum I think) actually figured this out.

I don't know. I built the TDS and I found out that this will actually shoot, on average, the same distance, slightly farther since white rods are bigger and tumble more. We now know that bullet behind the trigger is bad, and friction from bullets interlocking/sliding together is bad, so you COULD go over to the TDS and name its flaws, or you could praise its awesomeness, the sophisticated nature of it.

It's either this, a bulky TR pistol, or a taped up spacer-spamming Sypranic.

TDS didn't work too well for me, only 10 feet, and it jammed like crazy. There wasn't a lot of things that were sophisticated with it to begin with, it wasn't the first handle loading sidearm, and it's system was simple, it was popular because back then people didn't care so much about performance as they did realism.

My TDS worked really good, actually. I don't think I'm making myself clear, what I'm trying to say here...

Alright, I know I've been double posting like crazy, but I just went to go experiment with another revolver to test this out, and after 3 unsuccessful tries, I found out that my way is the only way that doesn't fling off the white connector (I used the same ones I use on my guns.) I can see what you mean now. I am honest, out of four attempts, my way was the only one that prevailed, so I think this means that there are very few ways to do this. I'll get a video as soon as I get a video camera.

In other words, it holds on securely so the pin hits it nicely, but it lets go easily for reloading. THAT'S why it's innovative.

Thank you. I mean, like I said, it is a sidearm, maybe slightly more, but not like a rifle or anything. I wouldn't even go up against the WASP because of its range, although, I could probably fix that with more rubber bands.

Thanks again, as you probably know, it takes a while to come up with something, then build it, as a lot of thinking and innovation was put into this, so I thank you.

(Not sure if that's sarcastic but I'm guessing not)
I think the main differences are the mech used for firing, which I think since this is a single shot (1 pull = 1 shot) it can be more powerful, however the WASP is semi-auto. Also the turret is the other one. I think this gets less range then that one with the way it works.

Yeah, the main advantages over turret guns are fast reload and compactness/being lightweight. The WASP could probably shoot faster, but like I said, this can keep the plastic raining for a very long time.

This gun:

Has more shots than: 8- and 12-Turrets.
Reloads quicker than: All of the turrets.
More piece consuming than: None of the turrets.
More compact than: All of the turrets.
More powerful than: None of the turrets.

Overall: Makes a great, compact, and very reliable secondary, which is what it really is. Not meant to be a primary, although, when used in conjunction with a pistol can be a very deadly adversary. Mostly just a light gun for times when you can't afford a jam, slip up, or need a lot of ammo.

Yeah, well just pointing out that the newest turrets for the tr18 and WASP and other stuff are very reliable.

But they don't reload as quick, among other things, and they often don't shoot far.

Ways to improve it:

If you are going for piece efficiency, the gun looks a bit too chunky. See if you can minimize the whole thing. A shorter pin might even work.

If this is supposed to be a side-arm, don't put a stock on it (or any kind of rail system). I know that instructables is full of kids who love bogus non-functioning additions on their guns, but don't try to appease them and don't try to be like them.

As a pistol, you need to have a good handle. That one looks too short to get a good grip on.

*You could put a rotation mechanism on it. Something with a ratchet mech would still allow fast reloads.
*The connection of the clip and the gun looks very flimsy. There are ways to make it connect so that it won't bend or wobble, but are just as easy to connect and disconnect.
*For help on the last two, look at the "extra mod" portion of this gun.

1. Yeah, at first it was SUPER light-weight and and EXTREMELY piece-low, but I thought it was too light for use in battle so I added a lot of stuff to it.
2. Yeah, originally it was going to be a sidearm but I've added stuff to it since then to make it a secondary (I hope that's the right word!) so the stock looks less... out of place.
3. Like I said in the picture, it looks bad but it is surprisingly comfy, and while I'm sure everyone says that, I added things to it which are hard to see in the picture but make it very comfy... also I have small hands, haha.
4. Yeah, I've been looking into that, I just haven't found a gun with something effective, but I'll have to look at your gun to see.
5. Yeah, the connection is actually surprisingly strong. Again, you probably don't believe me, but the way the pieces interlock in conjunction with the barrel, you get a strong connection.
6. Thank you very much. I really appreciate tips like this, it really helps me a lot. I'm not looking to impress anybody, I'm just posting to show people I CAN make a gun. Funny thing, I'm horrible at guns for the most part, but I make other mechanisms really good. Maybe sometime I'll combine or just stick to mechs altogether.

Thanks again!

It's fairly easy to make a rotation mech for this gun. Just make one side extend farther out than the other, and have it so the top of the ammo stops on this extended side, all the while the wheel is being turned with a rubberband.

Hmm, I don't quite understand, could you clarify? It's a really good idea that would help me a lot. THAT is what I like, when it's as constructive as this, thank you.

That wasn't criticism, that was a how-to. Ok, so if you study the TR, you'll notice that one end juts out and the other doesn't just before the turret. This side that juts out catches the white rods in the turret when it's loaded, so it can't rotate, but when fired there's nothing stopping it from moving on to the next shot.

Oh, I know what you mean. Yeah, I built a 4-turret, which gets the farthest range with red rods, I've observed.


7 years ago

Alright, I replaced the snowflake clips with a small, 4-turret oodammo flinger. Happy? Pictures will be up shortly.

This is a nice gun =D My only problem is the white rods sticking out.. 3.5*

Yeah, you can use green rods if you want, which make it MUCH more compact, but you can see white rods better after you shoot them, so I chose them, but thanks for the comment and rating!