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Knex Revolvers Answered

i know some people are trying to make revolvers so i thought everyone could work together to make a great one. i have made a pistol with a single action and almost a double action but revovling the cylinders may be very difficult


i have a concept so that when you pull the trigger it will revolve too... we could make it together after i finish the MG...

soon ill finish it... im just not sure if the small maxima engine would be fast enough... if not i think ill make it hand cranked like it was meant to be...

the real automatic ones are cool... i like the recoil mechanism best cause you can probably feel it when you shoot...

you will!! did anyone see that asian guy teseting a rifle and it had so much recoil it blew him over?

has any one tryed using the design from those cap guns?

that is where i got the idea from but it is very difficult to make it small enough because the shapes have to be just right or it jams


11 years ago

Hehe... + P I had this same exact idea, but the thing is... I had a little trouble with the pull and release trigger because it wouldn't go back... However, the barrels were quite easy to make, so I might try this trigger and see what happens. + )

i don't have bbc1 is bbc prime? cause i got only prime lol... I'm not British so i dont have all BBC's...

ohh i already saw you made the auto revolving one... well never mind then....

no that one is meant to pull back the hammer when you pull the trigger i have not done any work on the revolving cylinders

ohh then i might be bale to conserve the auto cocking and still make it revolve automatically but thats after WE (_) finish the mg


11 years ago

show us a pic, monkey boy!