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Knex Rifles Answered

I am looking for great ideas on knex rifles. Barrels, triggers, mags, you name it.You will all get proper credit if I use your designs on Instructables. Please build. Look at The Jamalms Storm 223 rifle


look at trauts mp5 or mp40 or g36. thedunkis's ump is good or so ive heard bakenbitz's ak um... yeah thats about all i can think of right now although if you search knex and then goto rating, look at the first 5 or so pages too get some good weapons.

You only said like, no rifles... Sub Macs, AST rifles you did say though lol.

No, you never said a rifle. This question asks for rifles. You gave Assault rifles and Submachine guns.

dude, assault rifles are rifles. they have the word "rifle" in the name. I consider a rifle to be a 2 handed weapon that you can easily carry.

But what you consider and what I know are two different things.

dude, the term "assault rifle" has the word "rifle" in it. why do you think it doesnt count?

So from now on if someone asks for a sniper rifle you'll offer them a rifle? You're smart...

no, he would give them a sniper. Snipers are snipers but also rifles. if someone asks for a rifle you can give them a sniper or an assault rifle and it would still count.

But a rifle is like a catagory. An assault rifle is a gun.

yes, but with that thinking an assault rifle is also a category.

No. Catagories; Rifle Machinegun Light machine gun Pistol Shotgun Other. Those are the main catagories.

To be honest the guy who posted the topic probably meant assault rifles.

Then we should slap the author for not posting the correct question.

well your in a non-destructive mood. jk but mostly we post them as assault rifles so thats what he probably meant like knexguy said

What type of rifle? assualt rifles? Sniper rifles? Battle rifles? Bolt action rifles? Repeating rifles?

he said rifle. It could be all of those things.

try my AR-4 v2 or my SR commando.