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Knex SR-Commando Review! Answered

Here is a review on DJ-Radio's SR-Commando! Body strength: 7/10 It's okay. Front tip 9/10. Handle strength 9/10. Bi-pod strength: Sorry I don't know I didn't build it :( Trigger strength: 10/10 It's AMAZING! Stock strength 6/10 (Hold it just on the stock and it almost cracks off.) Sight: 6/10 Power: 7/10 It's pretty good! Range: 7/10 It's pretty good! Looks:10/10 In my opinion Please comment on how I did! (You just gotta love that pic!!!)


a little note: The front part ahead of the handle is very sturdy. The back part isnt that sturdy, but its sorta strong.

PS- you should review more than strength. You should do range and comfort as well. nice review.

Okay I will do it right now :D

no I mean he commented as me by accident... and I have no idea what you guys were talking about.

Have you made any more reviews apart from this?

Yes I have made them for the VSS vintorez and IAC's Striker and a couple of others check them out


9 years ago

I can't help but notice that only DJ Radio himself has replied to this up until now.

Yeah he did Why say that though. I guess no one has veiwed.