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Knex SSCR V Final Photos Answered

Hello my friends. I have the final pictures of my SSCR V rifle down below. This gun had moderate accuracy and could shoot about 40ft on average. Enjoy what I have for you. :) 

*Credit goes to Puddock for quite a bit of this gun seen. 


Modify the pistol to fit under the barrel as an underbarrel attachment :D

You know, that's actually a decent idea! I did modify this gun though, it has a pistol grip instead of that stock/handle.

I know you do. :) I felt like making a lighter version of the gun though.

Nice! The rifle has great iron sights :) Also, what's the pistol? Is it posted? It looks nice

Thank you! :) The pistol in those pics was my old SP-60U, it was never posted; but the SP-60 version was posted as a slideshow a good while back. I might mod that pistol for a pin-guide so it fires better (it shot about 50ft on average but the pin wobbles while it moves a little).It wont look as nice with a black rod sticking out of the back, but that rod will do it's job hopefully.

So, you've posted an instructable...?

I have posted instructables of its predecessors, but none of them were to build it.