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Knex Safe (TGKTR2 Entry) Answered

Alright! This is my safe. And a safe safe it is too! Me and a few other people noticed the irony of a knex safe, because you could just take it apart. Not so with this one! I made it with stupidly thick and Hard-to-take-apart walls, so as you would really need to work to get it open. The only piece you could break off are the pistons coming out the side, but then you've ruined the mech, and it wont work at all. However, there is a snag. The actual pin that goes into the door could not be finished on time. Everything else is here though, and I hope to get it finished up very soon. Sorry about that! The deadline sneaked up on me... So thats prettymuch it! Hope you like it. I have a video of the mechanism, but its not uploading. I should have one up tomorrow.

For all you folks bugging me to post (you know who you are...), let me give you the scoop. I am currently building a new safe. It should be stronger than the last, smaller, and cleaner. Please be patient, I will post when I can, bugging me about it wont make the time go any quicker. Thank you.


wow , so cool, all of this are assemble by yourself??

you should really post this


6 years ago

this didn't show up on your profile!

Looks really cool, can you post instructions.

Sorry, I took it apart years ago :-/

There are lots of other excellent safes that do have instructions though, so never fear.

When are you going to post it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

2 Jears and 1 day, to be exact

just wait two and a half months an then i'm waiting 2 jears for it!


8 years ago

post instructions

nearly holidays so i hope uu got time then! im wating as long as this topic exsists

come on man i thought that you said once you'd finished the crossbow you were going to crack down on this....????

how far are you with the new safe????

He is not going to build it. This was a long time ago.

 hey, i have made instructions for my safe in under 2 school days and it was my first instructable!! and it is taken you over a year to make instructions for yours!!! what gives?

oh my god! post!

Hey where is the locking pin? i finished building the locking part of the safe and now i need to know where the pin is.

Hey how do you make the part on the safe that uses the rubeer band can you make a video on how to build just the combination side not the holder.

Sorry pal, I'm in the middle of rebuilding this at the moment. I shall post instructions for the finished project though.

im just woundering but WHEN are you going to post???????????????


8 years ago

I just noticed that this is the highest rated k'nex instructable :-)

This isn't an instructable......

can you plz post instructions.???????????????????

Yes? Yes really?

Well, yes and no, I've changed it up a fair bit since those photos were taken. I've got one project in the prototype stage, once thats all done and perhaps posted I will crack down on the safe :-p

This is deadly!

this thing would be a b**** to take apart....

I took the shell apart, but I've been working on it a bit recently. It will get full attention once I finish my Crossbow.