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Knex Semi-Auto Handle Mag Pistol Answered

I said to Mepain "I'm going to make a semi-auto pistol with a magazine in the handle". 45 minutes later I took this picture.

I'll call it: SALSA
S**** A** Lame Semi-Auto

Yes, this is a TRUE semi-auto Knex gun. You pull the trigger and it shoots, then repeat. The magazine is in the handle and it shoots gray connectors. Range is 5-10 ft, so it's not going to win any wars.



Are you gonna make an instructable?


How did I miss this?
It's great.

What sensible logic.
"It's more than a year old, so it's obsolete!"

I didn't say it was obsolete.

I know you didn't say it, I was quoting what you were thinking.

You can't know what he is thinking.  And if you can, unlucky :P

So? If you point out that something is old, you're either pointing out it has increased in value, or that it's obsolete.

I meant that the TOPIC was a year old.  This is still the most recent posted semi auto.

You were either inferring that it was obsolete, or that guns that are over a year old are better.

Actually, I read DJ'as comment as saying it is great despite being more than a year old.

That's the way it should be.  There are guns that are awesome even though they are a year old.

Yep, K'sayer is coming up on its first birthday.

I have to get around to buying more parts so I can build it.... But I wasn't talking about the knexsayer.  I was talking about guns like the morettie or DD-27.  Basically classic knex guns that were good.

Lol, the original storm 220 was actually considered good back in the day...

I never thought it was obsolete.  You can't read minds, and psychics are frauds.

Cool! I assume it works the same way as your other semi auto? I want instructions! or at least a few better pics to build from.... :-)

It's a little different than the other two. In this one, the trigger grabs the pin from the back instead of the front. I may post instructions on KI when it comes up.

I looked on KI and the instructions weren't there. I think you should re-post it, because I really want to build it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-(

You sure? When I searched "Knex Semi-Auto Handle Mag Pistol" on KI, it just showed your two "Two-Shot Pistol" posts and your "The State of Knex As A Product" post.  Could you please give me the link instead? 

what is with that? i was gona join but it seems to be down

Cool, but you should make the trigger longer so that it can be squeezed with 4 fingers for a lot more power.

because that would only leave one finger to wrap around the handle. also, 4 fingers would be kinda cramping the trigger when its reset.

How many fingers do you have? I have four fingers and a thumb.

I have 4 fingers and a thumb.  But I was saying that it would be cramped with 4 fingers on the trigger.

But the first bit, the one where you said that you'd only have one finger to wrap around the handle. I'd have zero fingers.

I was counting the thumb as a finger.

Fine, then it should have a two finger trigger.

It can't handle any more bands than what I put on unless you superglue the parts together.


It was 5 months ago, and he barely ever comes on this site any more. You really think he's still going to have it? Stop necro-posting.

you never know things can happen...

Just build it from the picture... it isn't hard.

The things I post I post on KI. Look there if you want it.