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Knex Semi Auto Answered

When you think about it, there is no possible way to make a good, strong and cool lookinig semi auto. Unless it has multiple lbarrels, then it Is impossible. Why Try then?



Link me? Obviously I'm... inactive.

But it still kind of seems like the strength of the gun relies on either something weak, or the strength of your finger. Or multiple barrels/firing pins.

Dude, haha wow. Look at kinetics and my semi auto. Haha sorry but there is multiple ways to do so

Looked at them, they're cool, but still not exactly very powerful. 40-60 feet?...
Perfect for an indoor K'nex war! Also, the video of the TSA-1 is disabled, and I'd like to watch it. As of now, I still feel like multiple barrels is the way to go. Well, multiple firing pins.

Yeah but that makes a gun huge. Even with a pin gun you will stil get the same range. To many people lie about their ranges. This is the most powerful SEMI AUTO. Not gun. And the tsa-1 isnt good at all. That was an idea gun. Me and kinetics kinnos are more advanced and more gun like. I personally dont like double barrels but everyone is different

I have a double-barrel rifle I made years ago, and it definitely gets more than 60'. Using darts I've been able to hit pop cans aiming straight down the sights from 50' away, and it definitely shoots way further.

I'd love to see someone build an easy to use semi auto like that...

Thats cool. Thats cool. Sharirs is really easy becuase it isnt hard to wind up the spool after every shot. Even though you already get 5 shot semi automaticly.

Well when it comes down to it the physics behind semi autos is using the constant strength of your finger to pull back the ram. I have an awesome idea though. It might not look the best but it will be beasty. The only problem is it probably won't be strong if you use a normal knex motor. Get like one or two motors and make a rig where they spin the tires relatively close to each other like so they are barely touching but make sure they are secure. Then make a pushing mech where the trigger pushes the ammo from the magazine through the tires. If it's spinning fast enough you should get some pretty good strength but it does require a good motor or two. I wonder if it's possible to make like a spinning firing pin of some sort. Then you make a cog with a rubber band wrapped around. Then you pull the trigger and each time you do the cog will spin and launch the firing pin. I'm not sure how strong this will be but it should be slightly stronger than most guns and something new.


DUDE!! I'VE HAD THAT IDEA FOR A YEAR LOL! Except it would've been more like a belt instead of a tire.

Like a baseball launcher (I saw something similar on Mythbusters), sounds good, if I had motors, I'd have a go myself, I could do I trigger push ammo thing though.

Exactly. Either way we should invent some sort of similar device to your last where we put the shooting force somewhere else and not on the trigger then by using the trigger we're just loading ammo into the force.

Precisely, I just need some motors, time to salvage and destroy, btw you could have one motor, and it would still work, just instead of the bullet going inbetween 2 motors, have it go under 1.

Anyone played Fable2? I have an idea for a turret gun.

that is not a a bad idea, but use a drill, no knex motor is that fast.

I made a semi auto where you need no bands on the ram, remember it? I tried to remake it so as it would work better, but I forgot how I made it in the first place... Lol

Ive tried this and ran it off a drill, and it only shot like 5-10 feet

Why are my guns ignored so much?

'....cool looking.....';'....strong....' Your pistoly thing was semi, but weak and odd looking.

I think he meant one with a trigger near the handle, like a real one. If not, then ding ding ding we have a winner.

well you need to comment a bit more and make cooler rifles, thou you are a legandary knexer

cause : if you can pul the trigger with one finger, and pull the ram with one finger, it is REALLY weak. Also, you should not have to pull the trigger that much, just a little.

Okay, I'll remake my semi auto, to fire all you need is bullets, and lots, and you pull the trigger abit more than a normall true trigger.

Im going to try to prove you wrong!

im making a heavy machine gun :P but obviously i wouldnt post it :|

Because you can make several different types of mechanism when you miss out any one of those keywords :)