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Knex Shotgun: Swarm Answered

M'kay guys. You are probably woundering why my shotgun ible is gone. I will tell you. It never really go through the filters, and I PM'ed Mikeasaures to get him to pull it through. He was quite helpful, but told me in no uncertain terms that it had to be a step by step. So I took it down, and am reposting it now. Feel free to comment even if you already did on the old one, LOLZ.

Oh, I have noticed there is a feature to "Share Photos or Videos." Is that the proper way to set up a slideshow?

Sorry that the picture quality is lame, but they are stupid good considering the fact it was cloudy and raining when I took them. Don't worry, I will try to avoid making this mistake in the future.

Swarm is a wicked indoor knex war shotgun, able to fire up to sixteen green rods, eight white rods, or four yellow rods. Now this is not my gun, just sayin'. It is KK's shotgun prototype updated with a the TR8 body, trigger, and handle. I thought I would post some nice, clear pictures so you can build it too.

What really turns me away from this gun is that it is downright ugly. Some of you guys might not mind that, but I do. A lot.

The good thing is this is powerful, reliable, and a shotgun, not to mention fun.

Range is over sixty feet, and it is a tube and stick gun, so it will never fail. It is also a very fun gun to mess with. Swarm also has a very comfy handle, a strong stock, and nice grip. So enjoy the pictures. :D

While this may not be a good primary for an indoor war, it would be very handy to have, if you have something like the ZKAR or my Epidemic to use, as reloading is a pain, unless you use yellows. Those are quick to load and hit hard.

Please comment and subscribe. Feel free to leave nice long comments, as I like to read them. If you need any help, just ask. If you have any suggestions for my next project, please tell me.


I know, right? It was a very fun gun, and it had the awesome look of your TR8, too bad the shotgun shell looks ugly.

Where is the share photos or videos feature?

Under "Private instructables" on your you page. I did a little test and the Share Photos or videos is not private, so perhaps it is for slideshows. I might PM Kiteman about it one of these days to clarify.

LOL, just sent Ewihelm a PM about it. I will tell you when I get a reply.

OH YEAH! Why mess with Kiteman when you can ask the instructables founder? (Not that I have anything against Kiteman.)