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Knex Side arm Answered

I'm looking for a easy to build knex gun that has a mag that don't jam easily and uses NO Yshaped connectors or 'HANDS". Post a link or write the URL PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ


The dunkis tds or mini tds

Well if you don't have black hands then you'ren't (I love making double contractions) going to be able to make any promising weapons as far as I know. I would just go out and get some. Luckily my grandma bought a set for the kids some time ago that had like 30 black nobs in it. I can't remember but dsman's might not use any. I suppose I could try making one.

If I recall I read that from quite a few other places. Anyways I just prefer that over hands :P

Then again I havn't tried this but it might be posible to take off the hands on my magazine for my mini version of the TDS (check out the topic "Best of the Smallest" or look at my Side-Arm instructable) or the TDS itself and turn it into a green rod magazine. I'm not sure how reliable rods would be in a gun made to use connectors but it might work. The magazine in the smaller one should be able to hold at least 7 green rods and hmm...14 I think in the bigger gun.

ok, make my sidearm but with a green rod n the trigger instead of the black hand.