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Knex Sniper Rifle Answered

A mod of the DSMan Crossbow it has a range of about 75 feet, and its accurate up to about 50, although I haven't tested it since I put on new bands, should I post?


dude, when you mod a gun like that, its pretty much your own gun design. POST!!!!

Cool! dude nice use for my corner cutter!

thanks, i'm gonna fix it so it is actually useful on my gun, the corner cutter is a nice and powerful weapon for its size

i'll try doubling them up, i'm all out of non-broken yellows, and my TDS2 ate up the last of my greens

that sucks, i need to find retail knex sets with real knex in them, i think its a myth

i might check amazon later, then again, i have no money to get anything i really want for the first half of 09

sweet, but i already am saving up for madworld, the conduit, a nerf recon, and now more knex, i only have like $5 so far, i may ask for one for easter(only child ftw)

is there a different corner cutter than mine ;)

Knex Sniper Rifle (Mod)