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Knex Spartan Laser Answered

Here is a Knex Spartan Laser I made, it shoots rubber bands. If you would like me to post instructions please say so.


This was posted THREE YEARS AGO!

Just build Baken's newest gun, the SwagBoss, it's about 300,000 times better.

can u post instuctions

Don't bump.
And clean up your posts.

I agree with Robot Builder its cool please!!!!!!!!! post instructions!!!!!!

It's easily build able from the pictures.

if it shoots rubberbands then instead of a white connector have a gear sinse gears have 15 - 20 shots then when u shoot it it will sorta look like a laser

wooo hooo spartan laser plz post post post plz plz plz but even though how much i love the spartan laser i would give it up for a sword in a heart beat i am practically invincible with that thing i am so god noone will play the game swords with me on halo 3 (it is a game on halo 2 but i want to custom make it to halo 3)

this is really old. from 2007 actually. try designing your own spartan laser. I'm sure it would be good.

hey whats ur gamertag, ill play you on halo 3 lol

Its bakenbitz94, my xbox 360 is broken now but, it should be back by the 26th.

the day after xmas hmmm?are you getting a new 1? ps: btw i love the Spartan laser is one of my favorite weapons on halo 3

when play my friend in Halo 3, he almos never misses with the spartan lser, I've only dodged it 2 times

yea, his name is probably fedexman, ill ask him (P.S., The Arbiter is more powerful then Master Cheif)

yeah 1 thing 2 say, it looks really cool and just like it... or maybe 2 things

No, it's being sent back from the repair center.

ok cool. ill add you in a few days. i made the spartan laser but it was too many pieces so i just took it apart...

ah okay cool. add me, i have two accounts. ill give you the first one (which is the noob one lol) its Xenotonic. message that one and ask for the other account, and when i get that message ill give you the other account.


10 years ago

Bit extra big but this is halo. v good , post !

my favourite rubber band gun is my hand, i just put it on the tip of my finger, pullet it up to my shoulder or if its really stretchy behind my neck with my fingers fully stretched out, aim and fire =P

Does it work?



10 years ago

that would pretty much be the coolest gun evah

put a laser on it so it aims and then shoots,like the REAL spartan laser

just looking at the picture, i think i can make it. so youre not going to post an instructable?

I have not had the chance to play Halo 3 :( but that looks cool so post!

Sorry, I took it apart, it was a waste of pieces.


im working on making the halo assault rifle that will actually shoot knex, but im out of the pieces i need so i'll post it after christmass sometime


10 years ago


If only you people could read...

Wow very creative. I say post. Howmany peices does it use?

Too many. I won't do an exact count but how bout.... around 200 connectors and probably 250 green rods 100 white rods.

If you post I could add a semi-auto RBG mechanism to it.



10 years ago

nice model

You made it? Like a model? That's impressive! Very well detailed.

You should put a laser pointer in the barrel, with some red LEDs.

Oh, sorry the knex image didn't show up, the first image is the real gun. LOL