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K'nex Spider-man Web-Shooter Answered

I made a k'nex Gun that does not require the power of a spring or rubberband; It's made purely out of k'nex. I didn't really know what to call it, but I got the idea after I noticed that when holding it, it looks like you're shooting webs like Spider-man. I got the idea when I was watching a History Channel program about historical assassinations, and a famous gun that was examined was a gun that shoots when you make a hand-shaking gesture. The k'nex gun shoots about 30 feet. It also has an auto-ejecting shell, but it's single shot. You also have to load the bullet in cartridges. Baed on the definition, do you Instructablers think that this would be a worthy Instructable, or should it stay as a forum? P.S. I'll have pictures of it up soon.


Cool, persuaded him yet?

I wasn't being nasty lol. So what exactly is the bullet, the grey 2 slot connector or the white rod?

Pictures atleast?

Thanks now i understand once you push the white rod through does it push something else out.

So the holes on all the gray peices are staing upward???

so the gray connector is the bullet????Wha???

It sounds like a cool idea. You should post pictures. :)

I'll post my knex starscream if you post this. This is the only way I'll post my knex starscream. ? / / ? / \