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Knex Striker pistol review. Answered

Knex Striker Review!
Thanks for the awesome gun I_Am_Canadian!
Feelings. Handle:10/10!!! ...................... Strength:
Trigger guard 10/10! Trigger 10/10! Whole gun 8/10 ......................
Power: 10/10!
(my dad saw it shoot through a box  and freaked out......................
Range 8/10! That should be about it! Thanks for looking and drop a comment to tell me how I did!


Before I begin I would just like to say that I love this gun and my rifle variant is presently sporting 12 #64s. In my opinion, you have not explained your ratings at all, and you seem to have missed out the ratings for the areas the gun does not do quite so well in. One more thing; I think we should have three master ratings: Innovativity (is that a word?) Power Reliability These 3 cover everything major, there could still be ratings for the other things (Handle etc.) but these would be the overall view on the gun. So, for instance, weapons like this and the KillerK pistol would achieve a relatively low mark in innovativity, but highly in power and reliability. From all of the examples I have run through, it seems to work out that every decently made gun comes off well in at least two of these categories. Oh, and if anyone leaves a comment complaining that I implied KillerK's gun was un-innovative (oh the joy of adding random pre- and suffixes to words) at the time of it's posting, I may decide to pay you a visit with my aforementioned variant beast. Although if you're not Yerjoking, that is probably unlikely ;)

Killed it for the VSS Vintorez. I will be rebuilding it (with reinforcement) later. I will probably get some pics up then. I am also trying to develop a front-heavy round that should stop it spinning out after about 30 feet.

Ok, here is a pic; the barrel length is one 'unit' longer than the original striker's, but I have currently got 12 bands on it. I think if it was 5 layers thick rather than 3 it could hold more than 20. That would be very impractical though, because even with 12 it has to be loaded in 2 'pullbacks' of 6 bands.


Is the band on the back just extra? Does it have some secret use? Secret uses are scaewey... Aaaaaaaahhh...

They're just spare, I keep 3 there because sometimes it eats bands.

Cool, that's kinda what I thought. Do you mind if I build it from the picture?

Go for it, I destroyed mine anyways. I now have a less good-looking but much more powerful (5 layers thick) one that can support over 15 #64s.

Cool! I was actually going to make the version in the picture but make it 5 layers... Thanks!

It's done, and I'll be posting it soonish so you may as well wait.

That thing is a beast! Man, it looks deadly. Make it longer :-D Instructions man!

Definitely instructions, but I built it in a day so it needs refining. If it was longer, it couldn't take as as many bands, and in my experience more bands is better than longer stretched bands.

Rebuilt, and as one of the best looking weapons I have ever seen if I may say so myself. The stock could probably do with remodelling a bit. I'll get some pics up in a minute.

Teehee, I got mentioned .

I might build this gun. As I have a secret love for guns like this...

If you post yer rifle varient I'll prolly attempt to make it! :D:D:D:D:D:D

I will post it eventually, I am still debugging it and making it look prettier :)

Killerk's pistol had the first firing pin lock and the first ammo lock (ball joint). it is innovative, but its just old.

-_- What did I say? If you can't read, blame the USA's failing education system, no me.

.... I did read, but im gunna fight your beast.

Lol, ok. But I will have to hire an American mercenary as I just got back from the middle of nowhere- i.e. Hampshire.

I killed half of the mercenaries, then hired the other half to work for me.

I only hired one. He is dead now, but none work for you.

no seriously. they work for me and my biggie pic.

Okay... I don't quite understand too much.... Are you trying to say I'm missing a few things I could put in?

Yes. I think we should have a basic rating system that everyone sticks to so comparisons of the core statistics can be simple.

Yeah Check Dr. W.'s for example. His was also over-rated but at least it contained the details and mentioned cons even if not added to the score...

Oh, Ps, what would my gun get on your suggested rating system? The new sniper is what im talking about.

I can't really remember it, so these are all based on a limited knowledge of the mechanism: Innovativity- 5 (because it has a decent sear) Power- 5 (Never seen it fire or fired it myself but doesn't look like it has enought pin support to allow for many bands. Could be wrong though.) Reliability- 7 (looks like it has very little that could go wrong with it)


9 years ago

can you make instruction on how to build it.

There are instructions already!! Type in the search box I_Am_Canadian.

Dont be expecting it soon :-( I still have it, but im trying to finish ball machine before deadling...

I think your ratings are unjustified

Maybe a little. But my gun was the same or very close to what i had....

Why is this gun so liked? I can't find much about it that is new.

Lol now I know what those who saw Dr. Weird's review felt like. You're missing a lot of stats. Accuracy- It'll probably do good but surely this can't hit a one inch target from 40 feet away. It's not repeating so it has a slow "RoF" There are many more. It's a great gun but just because it has some good pros doesn't mean it doesn't have cons.

Yes It does have tiny ones but nothing to say about like a very light trigger pull that's the only thing I can think of.

dont hurt me when i say no gun is perfect.