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K'nex Swords Answered

Anyone ever make any swords? They lost popularity some time ago but I'd like to see some of the more creative plastic blades you guys may have made. I may start a contest or something to get some you to make some if I need to but hopefully some of you will be willing to try making something just to see how good it'll turn out. It's a nice challenge to make one as durable as possible and still have it look good.

I tried out the Master Sword some time ago. It was pretty decent for a first go at it but I always intended on redoing it. I'm going to have another go at it tonight. Excuse any old comment boxes that may be left in there.


Oh shoot someone remind me to post pictures of my updated Master Sword later. I still forgot to do that.

Alright, I finally got to getting the pictures. Here you go. I used more pieces so it's better looking but unfortunately it wasn't built well and was weak.


 I like swords but they arn't as intriguing (thats spelled wrong) because there is no projectile.

i kinda like swords 'cuz they DON'T run out of ammo, 'cuz they don't have any ammo...

I remade the Master Sword quite awhile ago. I just couldn't find picture uploading tools so they've remained on my DSi for quite awhile. I think I'll upload them soon. It was longer and the blade was built better but the handle connection was really weak so it wasn't something you can hold out or swing around. And despite the the strength, the blade still flexed. Still a cool looking sword.

hey it does look like the master sword

These swords are disadvantaged ascendancy compared to the illustrious Splendiferocity.

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That looks like it'd take a jillionteen parts.

I tried something exactly like it, and it was SO HARD to take apart.

Hard to take apart doesn't make it hard to break. I can't see the format of it exactly but if it's built the way I think it's built then I'm sure it could break from a decent hit.

Yeah, it's surprisingly wiggly. Side to side, at least.

Making it 6 layers would fix that. =)

Making it 5-6 layers is about all you can do to make a decent sword which kind of sucks because then you don't really have a sword, you have a stick instead. Wouldn't it be kind of cool though to make a sort of K'nex armor and then use K'nex swords to try to break off the other person's armor or break their sword?

Yeah, I made armor back when I was like 11, but it was only 1 layer. It fit me perfectly though. I'm thinking about making some thicker armor soon.

I made this this morning after I saw this forum. I made a slideshow and will probably be making an instructable for it.

Knex Sword 2.BMPKnex Sword.BMP

Looks pretty good. Nice and simple. How durable is it?

I only have a computer model of it, but I know that it will be very structurally strong. Take a look at this closeup of the hilt.

Knex Sword 3.jpg

8 years ago

My cousin always makes them. I'm not a big fan, they always end up like 50 layers thick to make sure they aren't flimsy.

(His are like super-flimsy.)

Lol well I suppose you could always take the claymore approach and just make a pure plastic beating stick.

I tried it once. Awesome, but PIECE CONSUMPTION-NESSNESS.

Even for me...

Lol yeah I decided to kill all my yellows Cs and green rods to double the length of the Master Sword. It looks great now but I can't even pick it up without supporting it and then holding it straight up. I'll probably take a picture and then halve its length again. Ah the fun with swords.

I honestly thought about it too. However, I lacked the pieces so I didn't even bother. And I wanted to show my upgraded multilayer blade.

I understand. Is the original the one in the picture?

Yeah I made that god knows how long ago. Long enough that carpet wasn't infested with mold yet lol.

I think it looks nice. Although, what's with the background? It looks like a Crayola thing. xD

That's why I was talking about it had to be long enough ago before the carpet was moldy. That's the carpet. It was a cool design. I live in the basement and we're in a somewhat older house so it's all tile down here. We decided to get some carpet and lay it out. However, we have a leak somewhere so when it rains really hard it gets wet down here.

I had an idea for a super sturdy blade that was semi-realistic, but the trouble was that it was difficult to build.


8 years ago

ahh yeah I tried to h=make the master sword as well that was many years ago and mostly for display purposes (thing broke so easily....)

Oh hey you're still around? Yeah the one I currently have is hard to even hold out more than than 20 degrees from vertical. The blade wobbles a little too and I don't really know how to fix that without ruining the looks.

lol yeah I'm still around, though I don't have as much free time as I used to (one things I don't like about my job)  yeah I know what you mean though I think at one point I gave up and made a wire-frame with tinfoil over it  and it just looked really weird now that I think about it.

Hmm bummer. Yeah I decided I'd wait until this summer to finally work.
I was actually wondering what tape could do for strengthening a sword. If I were to wrap the entire thing up, not only could I color it better but it would have sort of an exoskeleton to help keep it together. It would probably take a couple layers and it would probably still bend though.
So have you managed to make anything? You were one of the few revolutionary innovationist (making up words, work with me here) of the time.

well Id use duct tape strongest stuff I know and its big so, and I was working on a rifle of sorts, loading mech was glitch for say though, and thank you lol, I must say though I always found your pistols very good quality. I'll try working on the old thing again when I can


8 years ago