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K'nex: The bane of modern DIY Answered

Okay, We all know that K'nex is fun, and nearly everyone remembers playing with them when they were young. BUT, I have found that nearly every time that I try to find an Instructable on ANYTHING half or more of the title results come up as something like this "Seuper-Ultra Awsum L33T K'nex thing". We all know that K'nex is fun, but is it really necessary, that every time that your 8 year old son, (or, 8 year old self for that matter) builds something out of K'nex that looks remotely like ANYTHING you go post an Instructable on it. Now, I am not trying to bash on K'nex here, in fact, I love them, but I hate when people think in is necessary to torment the rest of the world with their primitive creations. Then again, this is just my opinion, please post your own. Long days, and pleasant nights, Aztof Du'Reth


Also, I would say your title is slightly off, as K'nex is not really related at all to DIY. If, for instance, I wanted to build a lasting and practical shelf, I would not choose K'nex.

The problem is, the established K'nex community are the ones who read the forums, and the ones who post the good instructables. The ones who post bad instrcutables do not read the forums by and large. As the regular K'nex members are the only ones on the forums, it is them who get bashed for the rubbishly made instructables.


9 years ago

what we need, are moer K'nex like THIS and less likeTHIS. Sorry, Cerranuss, I know it's just your 1st 'ible, but that just doesn't cut it.

You're using the wrong search terms? (I don't have this problem) L

search "sword" "cool sword" "Butterfly Knife" or "Ninja", that should solve your problems. BUT, that is not the point, the point is that many unique and inventive instructables are buryed beneath so many "Super PWNAGE l33t waz tew cowmb UR Katz hare usng K'nex." K'nex is a wonderful thing, but, like Pina Coladas, when overused, it loses it's taste and appeal.

It just so happens that you seem to be searching for items that share common tags with alot of knew items.

As lemonie says, just use better search items. Or even sort your search results according to views. Most knex projects get a low number of views, and therefore get displaced further down the list.

I wouldn't use "cool" as a search term unless I was looking fo the sort of thing you're talking about. Looking at page one for "sword make", 4 are KNEX, 4 look good, ~8 are poor / bad and not KNEX. Many unique and inventive Instructables are buried beneath so many other low-quality makes in general. An advantage of KNEX is that you can spot it very easily and overlook it - yes? The thing with KNEX is that this site will happily let people make & post guns and stuff where other KNEX sites will not. So it's been hosting a small community of KNEX-ers for years. Better searching would help us. L

Any particular I'bles, link them this way and we can check that the correct tags have been used. People do have a tendancy to overtag their project, hoping to get more hits.

i find that there are a lot of knex instructables with lots of unneeded tags on there, but it would be to hard to sort through all of them just to find the ones that do.


9 years ago

I agree 100%

Good luck with this argument. I agree with it but you forget that we live in a world where common sense is not common, the obvious is confusing, and the simple tasks are deemed difficult.