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Knex Transformers from the new movie Answered

I used the transformer toy images from seibertron.com to build these transformers, they are true transformations they don't have to be taken apart to transform them.


what would be cool is having a rc transformer that want be cool

i've just posted this one plz comment and suscribe https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-transformer-pick-up/

can you please post some more pictures of the '73 camaro (the front and the back)????

Could you please make an instructable for them please

DUDE post the pictures on how 2 make optimus prime!!!! this is by far the best knex transformers i have ever seen!! :D Post photos!!

can plz post link foe the place u got da photos from that u used to build them

hi im really interested in building ironhide . hes freakin awesome. can plz post some more pictures close up of the back of his legs and and in his chest and stuff coz im havin trouble seeing how dat all works cheers .

First of all The pictures in this post will be updated because all of them except ratchet are different now. Second I have posted my new Bumblebee and Ironhide But what's next is a rebuild of jazz and Optimus. Pictures to come soon. I'm rebuilding them to get them more accurate to the toys and also because I wasn't truly happy with these versions. Third when I get a chance this week I am posted another small transformer instructions.

Sweet. Even for the ones you don't post with full instructions, you should give them their own slideshow! I really love this stuff.

Thanks, After the rebuilds Ill try to post better pics of all of them from different angles.


10 years ago

post pictures of the back of ironhide, morphed and unmorphed....i might be able to build it...then post an instructable to help you

cant wait to see if you can build it heres some more angles of Ironhide


Can you post new pics like underneath and the side view of the truck and underneath the truck Thnx

if you can build it from these pictures more power to you id love to see it but i want to keep my creations unique but if you want more pictures i will post that but not an instructable

I builded ironhide and I can't get who the legs work and come together

i need a picturew of the underside of the car

i need pics of the inside of the leg( to see how the stuff(tire,knee,ect.)is connected)

im not taking that many pics for ill give you the underside but you can figure out the rest

sweet thanks!...it;'s night though...i have to go to bed and build tommorrow. btw:i order joint pieces from knex.com :)

oh, ok... i can post pics of mine of i build it, and i'll mod it so it's not like yours. i want to know how they're made is all

i made them studying pictures of the actual transformers i don't own any of those transformers i build it was from pictures

You are very skilled indeed.

I gave updates of Optimus and Ironhide. Optimus doesnt transform the way the toy does because I designed it before i thought of using the toys as a reference. I also gave Bumblebee and updated look and will post that as soon as i can.
This link is to a video I created of the new Ironhide transforming.

Knex Transformers

Ironhide2.jpgOptimus Prime2.jpg

dude please post optumus i will fave it dude please


be quiet hes not going to post optumis Prime or any transformers if you keep annoying him

iron hide looks the best, followed by optimus. i think you should post jazz, then bumblebee. it'll be easier

Iron hide is the best!!!!!! Hes awsome in the movie with his dual minigun cannons.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yep, he's pretty cool

the movies pretty funny anall. have you sin it??/

it came out while i was vacationing in korea...lol i saw it the day it came out....in ENGLISH

dude leave him alone!!!!!!!!! If I was you id defiantly be embarrassed