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Knex Turret Bow Answered

Hello everyone, this is my newest gun. This is a turret bow, obviously. And I know that I will get comments about it, but yes I acknowledge that it looks like Zak's turret bow from 2009. Although it looks like his, I couldn't really get figure out the internals so I made my own(which work very well). I would like to post internals of this gun for people to build but wasn't sure if I should because of its similarity. Comment your questions, comments or anything else below regarding this.


Thanks! The internal pictures help the most. Isn't this is the gun that you didn't want anyone to build?

Yeah I guess 5 years ago that was the case.

Ah ok. Do you mind if I post it once it is complete?

Also, you wouldn't happen to know what piece connected to the red connecter on the top? I can't find something that locks in the slide like it did on your video.

I don't have a clue haha sorry.

Not a problem. I forget it was 5 years ago..

It's updated now, I still have to add the turret.

I'm currently working on a semi-automatic turreted gun. I have been trying countless combinations with the trigger over the last couple of weeks or so. I still haven't found something that works. The gun is kind of a secret project. ;)

Sounds sweet! Can't wait to see it. Maybe I could help you with the trigger?


4 years ago